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After each exam booze before losing orientation, reaction or resistance.
After such “get-togethers” one of the boys glowed with fangs or scratches for a couple of weeks, the girls didn’t talk to them together, and good Linka did some important task, like, find out “why my pants on my pants were tightly sewn in the morning” .
They are completely different in temperament and intelligence, one thing in common – they were the first beauties of the course.

Not just cute pretty girls, but real one hundred percent beauties.
I’m already used to my own, but neighbors from the law school, house-keeper and various other “faks” scratched the asphalt with their jaws when these homegrown goddesses floated along the campus alleys.

For Elchi, the typical blond bitch, the sun was rising and the earth was spinning.
She looked into the world with huge blue eyes and blew her lips with a hurt feeling.
In combination with the thinnest waist, elegant ass and breasts of the third size without a bra, the impression was murderous.

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It was far from stupid, but lazy to disgrace.
The guys at Elki were like dirt, and she treated them accordingly.
Mashulya mind was no different.
Garna Ukrainian girlfriend of the Russian bottling, fresh and crazy, she took perseverance and patience.
Tall, plump, appetizing – literally everyone liked.
Even a lecturer from the Injaz, known for double nationalism and multicolored with a hint of blueness, admitted that “Mary has exceptionally beautiful eyes.”
Eyes and truth were good: black and poor.
The guy Masha was not.
Peers with wet lips and trembling little hands somehow did not inspire Masha.
She dreamed of the one and only, which will give his virginity, but only after Mendelssohn and the first waltz of the young.
And, with bated breath, listened to the revelation of Elechka “as it happens.”
Elka she respected and listened to always.
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