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Then I tried, unsuccessfully obviously, to kill myself.
No, not anything like what you think, I tried with very expensive scotch and pot.
A LOT of scotch and pot.
I had seen the Nicolas Cage movie about him drinking himself to death and he seemed happy, so, why not? Vikts free videos and live sexfor free. It took my kids almost a year to figure it out then twenty-seven of them beat the crap out of me in an intervention.
They even flew my thirty five year old grand daughter from Scotland to be there.
Every fucking one of those ungrateful little bastards threatened me with an incompetency hearing and a home (not the one Paige was in) if I didn’t stop. Sexy booty threesome pics.
I stopped! And I loved them more.
I was loved by a lot of people and the thought of disappointing them made me do it.
I was getting back on my feet again six months later when Paige died.

That time I hurled myself off that fucking cliff again. Hot women xxx shichinohe.
Heaved, threw, flung, pitched, anything to end it immediately.
An Olympic jump a swan dive, chest first and seeing those fucking rocks I would slam into and splatter myself all over, ending all those thoughts and emotions that constantly tore at me. Sex chat cam cyber.
I wanted to hit bottom so hard they would need a sponge to pick me up.
I guess I was hoping for alcohol poisoning or something when I bought two cases of scotch.
None of my kids are what I would call dumb and figured it out quickly. Miraelita mobile free sex video.
They found me in my back yard Christmas Day screaming.
I was ranting and railing against the whole world, breaking anything I could find, waving an empty scotch bottle like a club and screaming at God, “Come on you chicken-shit bastard.

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Kill my wife will you, fight me you motherfucker, I’ll kill you!” Thankfully I don’t remember any of that but all that were there swear to it.
The cops called them and they saved my life, again.
They said the cops were there and waited for them because they knew about it, me. Nikollini sexxy chatig malayalam.
I donated a lot of money to them for their charities.
Threw a party or two also.
I still talk to one and she said people had been around asking about us but no one would admit to knowing anything.
It was March then, the fifteenth, twenty-thirteen, how prophetic, the Ides of March, the day Julius Caesar was assassinated and the world changed.
“Idus Martie,” or something, a religious holiday for the Romans, and for me too it turned out. Did brady bunch girls pose nude.

I had been visiting Grande Island, New York, because I lived there as a kid for ten years.
I intended to drive to Warren, Pennsylvania to visit my cousin Mona and at Dunkirk on US 90 took a smaller state road, NY 60, to save some time. Exotic sexy lingerie.
Yeah, right, and if I had been listening to the radio I would have known about the fricking blizzard.
I was over half-way to Jamestown when it hit me.
A wall of white and wind that almost blew me off the road. Sweetblonde sex cam websites.
I even had a chuckle at that while I was sliding all over the road trying very hard not to die.
The Brits use that expression but it’s a “Fart.
” I study words and slang, I write stories.
Mostly erotica that some like and I publish them. Julia1986q dirty web com.
When I finally came to a stop I was cross-ways to traffic if there had been any.

Swinging bridge christmas tree farm.

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