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After Sue’s bottom was pink I said, “Sue, stand up, take off your dress and put it on the table, and stand in the corner with Jill and Nancy.
Sue now was wearing just a bra and panties. Interracial stories with pictures.
I now had three half-naked women standing in the corner with their hands on their heads and nice pink bottoms.
We have a ping-pong table in the basement, and I needed to go downstairs to get a paddle.
“I need to get something from downstairs.
” I said.
“When I return to the living room, I want all three of you lined up in front of the couch. Cape super 8 any cute girls.
Sue should be in the middle, and I want to see all of you bent over.
” When I returned with the paddle, it was nice to see three pink bottoms sticking out, ready for another spanking.
As I went over to my wife and put my fingertips into the waistband of her panties, I said, “I always spank my wife on the bare.
” Then I slipped her panties down to her ankles.

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Next, I grabbed the waistband of Jill’s panties.
“Please, this is so embarrassing.
Can you please spank me with my panties on.
” Jill complained.
“Jill, if you want, I could call the police instead of spanking you.
” I said.
“No, don’t call the police!” Jill said.
“Just get my spanking over with.
” Soon Jill’s panties were also down to her ankles. Levant ks bi horney housewifes.
Next, I grasped Nancy’s panties and they were down to her ankles.
Nancy sighed and wiggled a bit, but didn’t complain.
Then I went over to my wife, picked up the paddle, and started to spank her.
“Ouch, that really stings.
” Sue said.
“It’s suppose to!” I said. Taste chocolate.
Then I spanked Jill, Nancy, and Sue with the paddles.

Now their naughty bottoms were going from a faint pink to a bright red.
But I wanted to make sure that illegal drugs were never in my house, again.
I went over to each of them and took off their shoes and panties, which were already at their ankles. Mazexxx bongacam porn arab.
Then I said, “Now I want each of you to spread your legs wide apart, and touch your toes.
” This time Nancy complained, “You have embarrassed us enough.
Do we really need to expose ourselves this was to you?” “Either that, or I will call the police.
” I said.
“Besides, this allows me to spank your tender inner thighs. Brianna tamil chat online free.
Hurry up, or your spanking will last even longer.
” Soon all three of them had their legs spread.
With them being bent over touching their toes, their sex was totally exposed to me and their bottoms were really stuck out for their spanking.

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I proceeded to spank them, until their bottoms were a bright red.
I also turned their inner thighs a nice pink color.
Each of them made sounds as I spanked them, but all of them held their position.
“Jill and Nancy, you can stand up and get dressed.
” I said. Junga11 live web cam sex chat.
Their bottoms must of really hurt because they stood up and rubbed their bottoms, ignoring the fact that they had nothing on from the waist down.
It was quite the sight to see.
“I never want to see you in this house with marijuana or any other illegal drug again. Hairy latina ass.
Sue, stay in place.
I’m not through with you, yet.
” Then Jill and Nancy quickly dressed and left the house.
I could see tears in their eyes, so I know I made an impression on them and that their spanking was effective. Kissmehoty free chat girl.

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