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The rich, thick spunk exploding from Tyler’s spurting cock was even sweeter than what she had licked from his stomach just minutes earlier.

It was right from the tap; still warm and fresh, and just like Jamie’s, it had the silky smooth texture that an older man’s sperm just didn’t seem to have. Amature town slut videos.
As Julie savored the last of his son’s copious ejaculation like it was a fine wine, Tyler could feel the muscles in his groin finally starting to relax.
He had never had such a powerful orgasm, and while he still wasn’t sure exactly how it had all come about, he had never been happier. Azalia real free bbw chat with no sign up.

He could still feel his mom’s warm mouth nursing his cock, and the muscles in her throat contracting as she swallowed the last of his discharge.
Then, after sucking any residual from his now softening shaft, Julie let his shrinking penis slip from between her lips and moved up until she was lying next to him. Submissive contract.
At first, they lay together in silence, and when Julie finally realized she was probably going to have to speak first, she said, “So how did you like your reward?” “It was the most amazing thing I’ve ever felt,” the teenager answered, and then he said, “But mom… what did this mean?” That was the question that Julie feared because she didn’t really have an answer. Looking for chicks that can soak their men.

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