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Caitlin also notices that Megan’s gasps are turning into whimpers and moans and takes this opportunity to humiliate the new girl further.
She runs her index finger along the length of Megan’s pussy, making her captive moan and shudder. Live iphone sex cam to cam.
Megan is becoming increasingly aware that her thong must be showing a wet patch now and she feels herself blush; but yet she enjoys every moment of it.
“Are you enjoying this Megan?” asks Caitlin; without waiting for an answer, she pulls down Megan’s pink thong and removes her skirt. Nice tits blow job.
She spreads Megan’s legs a little wider and starts to lick the girl’s wet pussy, teasing her pussy lips and sliding her tongue inside her a little as she hears Megan’s moans get louder.
“Oh god please; oh please make me cum, Caitlin,” pleads Megan.

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“From now on you will address me as Miss Caitlin – in my presence or not; at all times – understand?” says Caitlin authoritatively.
“Yes Miss Caitlin; please make me cum!” whimpers Megan, her hips starting to buck as her pussy is being licked constantly by Caitlin’s expert tongue. Cheap phone sex.
“Not yet.
You do not have my permission to cum,” replies Caitlin, making Megan whimper as her tongue teases her captive’s pussy lips, making her desperate for more.
Caitlin suddenly stops licking Megan’s aching pussy and Megan hears clothes being taken off behind her. Worst dating sites cracked.
Caitlin moves silently to her drawers and slips on a strap-on, an eight inch one used for initiations only.

Megan feels the rubber toy slap her sensitive pussy and moans in pleasure as Caitlin rubs it softly on the surface of Megan’s pussy lips. Online adult dating jewish personals.
Megan’s legs struggle to hold her up as they shake, her pussy being tormented and all the time the feeling of submission and humiliation is on her mind.
Caitlin pushes the strap-on slowly into Megan’s dripping pussy, fully aware that she is desperate to cum; she uses this chance to stamp her ownership on Megan’s pussy, a process that she has repeated with each of her girls. Free full length amateur orgasm video.
“Please Miss Caitlin; please I need to cum!” begs Megan softly.
Caitlin says nothing, reaching forward to fondle Megan’s soft cleavage as the strap-on is pushed deeper inside her.

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