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A bit more entering me with every push, until he was fully inside of me.
He had been holding my hips, but now leaned forward to feel and play with both nipples and squeeze my breasts, which certainly needed the attention, followed by his left hand trailing down my stomach until he reach my pussy and taunted my clit with two finger while continuing to pummel my inside with full length strokes.

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“Faster now.
” I called out.
I approached orgasm.
The speeding up has the desired effect on both of us.
I came first followed by his pumping his seed into my arse, with three long and hard pushes draining him. Vovamen20 live sexx.
We both collapsed in a heap, him on top of me.

“Shower time.
” he said.
We ran into the bathroom and soaped each other all over, exploring all part of each other, then washed all the soap off and dried each other with big fluffy towels. Bondages through lies.
“Oh my God, you are hard again; we better do something about that.
” I led him back to the bed, my pussy aching for him to fill me up; I had thought Matt was the best, but now Conrad has taken over that honor. Old slut whore.

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