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“Spit on it,” he ordered.
“All over it, now.
” He held her as she spat on him.
Pre-cum was dripping from the eye of his cock and he reached down and smeared this into Gemma’s thick spittle.
He greased his thick hard shaft, up and down, until it was shining all over with the mixture of juices. Masturbate two duo double cum squirt.
Then he held Gemma by the hair, turning her face to his and looked her in the eyes.
“You’re a filthy bitch, aren’t you?” “Yes,” she nodded, biting her lip, her blue eyes wide and full of lust.
“Fuck yes. Milf titfuck amateur.
I’m a filthy bitch.
” He spun her over on the sun lounger.
She spread her legs to steady herself, and thrust her arse up in the air towards him.
He pushed her face down against the lounger as he ripped her bikini bottoms from her and threw the sodden shreds of material beside her face.

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“Well, this is how a filthy bitch gets fucked,” George roared as he thrust forward, and he pushed his huge dripping cock between her splayed arse cheeks.
The bulbous head of his cock found the rubbery pucker of muscle that was Gemma’s tight anus and he held his cock in his hand and shoved it against the resistance. Characteristics of healthy and mature marital relationship.
He pushed harder and harder, and all at once the resistance was gone, and his wet shaft slid into the slippery tight darkness of her anal tract.
He put both hands in her hair, and pulled her onto his cock, spearing her. Amateaur japanese nude pictures.
He began to thrust, and he roughly buggered her.

She groaned each time he ploughed her tightness with his throbbing shaft.
He reached around to her face and he pressed three fingers into her open mouth.
She sucked hungrily, slobbering over the invading digits. Free asian dating sites.
He pulled his fingers from her mouth and pressed them over her face, smearing her with saliva and smudging her makeup.
“Oh Christ,” Gemma screamed, bucking back so hard that she shoved George from her.
She raised her pussy high and squirted. Elenochka_89 live chat with sexy.
She squirted pussy juice all over his thick thighs, his pulsing cock, and over his shirt tails.
Her freshly fucked arse gaped.
“Fuck!” she gasped.
George grasped his dripping wet cock in his fist and pumped frantically. Spanking victoria beckham head shaved.

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