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“I am going to fuck you so hard, you won’t be able to walk straight for a week.
” “Mmmm.
Do it baby.
” I slowly inserted my dick into her wet and willing pussy.
As soon as I filled her all the way up, I began to thrust hard. Isabella anal redtube.
My pelvis was slamming into her ass on each stroke, making the supple flesh jiggle, much to my delight.
I continued to ram into her, harder than ever before.
Her screams and moans of pleasure were music to my ears. Louise ogborn being spank video.
Fuck Chris.
So fucking deep.
Pound my pussy! Pound it hard!” “You like this bitch? You like my big dick ramming deep inside you?” “Fuck yes! So fucking big! Make me cum!” “Oh I’m going to.
” SLAP, my hand connected hard with her jiggling ass. The meteors fuck off and die.
“You are gonna cum all SLAP over SLAP my SLAP cock.
” “Oh shit.
I’m fucking cumming.
I’m cumming! Cum with me Chris.
Cum deep inside my pussy.
” Now how could I refuse that? Gladly, I pushed in as deep as I could go and let loose rope after rope of hot cum into her cumming cunt.

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Her juices squirted out of her, drenching my dick and crotch.
We collapsed onto the bed.
As she came down from her orgasmic high, I idly played with her breasts.
She rolled on top of me and kissed me.
“That was the best. Tiny fit blonde.
I’ve never been fucked so hard in my life.
” I could only nod and respond with the ever eloquent, “Yea.
” “Baby?” “Mhm?” “I’m sorry I took so long to say it.
I really am.
I wanted to make sure you wouldn’t hurt me, that I wasn’t too invested in the relationship too soon. Scene hard lindsay lohan.
I know it’s long overdue, but I love you.
” “I love you too, baby.
And you don’t have to apologize.
I understand.
I want you to be comfortable in this relationship, not forced.
I knew you felt it, but were afraid to say it. Mature granny fuck.
” “Well, I’m not afraid anymore.
I love you, Chris.
Now make love to me.
” “Gladly.
” I flipped her over onto her back.
Slowly, I entered her.
I pushed all the way in, and kissed her.

Not hard, not deep.
But a loving kiss, one that I hoped told her how much I loved her. Big boobs thai lick cock load cumm on face.
As soon as it broke, I began to move, stroking in and out of her.
We both knew we weren’t looking for orgasm, we were looking for completion.
We wanted to be one with each other, cumming was just a bonus. Online dating service de.
She locked her legs tight behind my back, keeping me deep inside her.
She thrust upwards with her hips, massaging me inside her.
Jamie threw her arms around my neck and pulled me closer to her.
Again our lips met and our tongues danced. Good things about dating a married man.
When the kiss broke, I saw tears in her eyes, and she mouthed “I love you.
” She and I both came on the spot at that.
While not my most explosive orgasm, it was one that I would never forget.

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