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The dark curtains disappeared, they were replaced by white and airy ones, there was more light in the room, it was thoroughly aired.
Skilful lockers and dressers appeared, still empty.
Apparently, the room was already being prepared for new owners, and she was here by chance.

Lien straightened her dress, put herself in order, as far as it was possible at all, and resolutely left her apartment.
The palace was buzzing with many voices, life was in full swing.

Everywhere, old and new servants worked, removed pictures, cleaned the busts of the fallen king, updated the interior.
The princess barely concealed her curiosity.
The Forest Kingdom could never boast of luxury and wealth, and now the servants dragged in all the new elegant pieces of furniture and interior.
Paintings, sculptures, carpets and candlesticks.
In one of the corridors, the girl came across a flock of noble ladies that whispered and crushed the bones to some grandee.
“Where can I see Prince Draco?” – Lien turned to them in a neutral voice, trying not to look straight ahead.

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Noble ladies did not even turn in her direction! Complete disregard, cow cake and then pay more attention.
The princess broke out from such an insult and hurried to leave, but still heard a snide remark by one of the secular lionesses: – Now this girl will be used by all the royal guards! No wonder the prince ordered his people to accompany her.
Lien staggered and nearly crashed into a sculpture depicting a mighty knight.
It means that they will rape her.
This stylus to expect, but still disgusting and scary.
How many will there be? Tens, hundreds, thousands.
Then the girl giggled nervously, realizing that she had gone too far.
Her legs carried her away from the palace, to the noisy streets of the city, where it was possible to get lost in the crowd.
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