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Before I opened my eyes, I realized that Alla was not around.
She has already got up and is looking for a towel in the dark.
My joy, she does not turn on the light so as not to wake me.

I catch her bare leg, pull her to me.
She quietly groans that she can not more, she needs to work.
Nothing, you go by taxi.
Without encountering any significant resistance, I drag her to bed.
She immediately put her mouth to the penis.
But I do not want more.
I want “it is on top”, and pull it up by the hips higher.
She sat on my stomach and began to excite herself with her hands, until my entire breast and stomach became wet.
Then she moved lower, took my penis with her hand and began to gently sit on it with her anus.
I have never done this before and gave her myself, to do as she pleases.
I just held her breasts.
At first she seemed to be trying on him, and then she made several sharp jumps, and we ended up together again.
Alla quickly washed herself, got dressed, took from my wallet exactly as much as she needed for a taxi and ran away. Best adult cam chat sites.

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