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A few minutes later the nannies got to Kolya.
I keep silence about him in general, ”said Masha,“ Two times they took an enema because they refused to go for a lot.
And what a fountain on the changing table he arranged, ”added Ksyusha,“ When Sveta smeared it between the legs with baby cream.

The nannies laughed together, pushing Kohl into the paint.
He was still crap out after dinner, ”added Ksyusha.
Nothing, we will disaccustom you to write and crap into your pants, – said Masha decisively, – Well, who will now show me how to use a pot? Putting the children’s pot in the middle of the room, Masha looked at the children with a stern look.
The boys were embarrassed silent.
Despite the fact that everyone could barely endure a strong urge, no one wanted to sit on the pot alone. Couple webcam anal.

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