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And now, when all this fairy tale began to acquire real outlines, the eyes of our hero were already directed towards other horizons.
He wanted to get more, knowing full well that fate would not give him the second chance.
If he misses her today, coming out of hypnosis, Madeleine will put everything on the shelves and realize in the end, that she was simply divorced.

-Madlena, you must allow me to stroke and caress you during a kiss, and I promise that your pants will stay on you.
-I agree, I also thought that it would help you, but this is all after we go from here, and also put on jeans and underwear.
-You are you kidding me, I have almost an hour erection, I can not hide him in jeans! He did not wait for a response from Madelena, he simply understood from the view that she agreed with his arguments.

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And now the moment in a million, Andrew naked nestles with his whole body to the girl-dream.
Lips on the lips, Madeleine tried to put all the tenderness in this kiss, and Andrew simply pressed his cock against her belly and grabbed the ass with both hands, which was perfectly palpable even through her panties.
The member stood like a stone, I wanted to finish to the point of madness, but our hero could not allow such a failure, he did not start this game for this, in order to end it so ingloriously.
Hands slowly climbed up the back, then just as slowly they sank down with their palms under the elastic of their underpants.
-Andrew?! -I promise, I will not take off! The girl had some sort of shorts about her panties, maybe her mother vowed not to take off before the wedding, I don’t know.

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Andrei had a unique opportunity to completely bare our princess, one slight movement of the palms down and that’s it, the jackpot! But on this, most likely everything would have ended, but the soul wanted to continue, and so, kissing so, Andrei decided to change the position of the bodies to the horizontal one.
Having overcome a little resistance, he laid the beauty on the bed.
From the long kisses Madeleine swam, Andrei’s hands already with might and main explored the girl’s body, especially often stopping at the vagina, which was covered only with a thin strip of panties, by the way, already quite wet.
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