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I started to cum, the sperm did not ooze out of my penis, she just flew out of me onto Misha’s chest.
When I stopped cum, Misha took me by the waist and, putting my head down on the floor from top to bottom, began to sink into my ass.
At first, my legs dangled in different directions, then Misha gathered them together and squeezed tightly at the knees from which the passage into the ass became narrower, apparently so it did not last long.

Fat tense phallus jumping out of the arms of my pussy and plunging into my mouth began to cum.
Misha was sitting next to me on his knees, firmly pressing my head to his groin and at this time a gun, otherwise I can not say, I was in the mouth fired huge charges of sperm.
I began to choke.
Understanding this, Misha took a member out of my mouth and a fairly large amount of sperm just poured on my face.
I swallowed an incredibly large amount of target seed

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, and I still had a mouth full and the whole face in it.
I was ordered to swallow everything.
Collecting cum from my face with my finger, I willingly licked her smacking and winking at my man, who was sitting on the sofa and watching me.
When I finished with his sperm, Misha forced me to lick off of him, I dutifully took up this activity in parallel, kissing his chest and playing with his tongue on his nipples.
Having a little recovered, we got up from the couch.
Misha smacked my ass again and told me to go to the shower.
Coming out of the room, we saw Vika and Sergey, who, as it turned out, were also fucking us all this time.

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I slipped into the bath— Wow !!! – Sergey said when he saw my ass – Now I understand why you were so moaning Lola.
– he added – Lola !? – asked Misha, who stopped, – Well, you are handsome, you fucked Mikhail, but also how, but I didn’t recognize the name, Sergey grinned – And really, everything happened quickly, we didn’t even meet each other! – I thought – But they did something else! – With that thought and smile on my face, I went into the bath. Looking at myself in the mirror, I was horrified.
Dear readers, sorry for maybe a large amount of water text.
In this story, I did not use my photos, who are interested in my ass.
here it is in the photo from the bottom this photo is mine
After graduating from the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, MSU them.
Lomonosov, I went out into the world of boring reality, where I couldn’t find myself at all, which only caused me frustration and sadness, and then Caucasians also took people in the center of Moscow to kill brilliant scientists and talented artists from traumatic guns to cripple.
I decided that I could not stand aside, and even more so the life of an extreme nationalist is much more intense and interesting than matan and functioned.
I did not want to join the main movements, as it was obvious to me that all the leading nationalist and anti-Caucasian movements in Moscow are completely in the hands of the special services, which is why I decided to create a small organization myself.
I had to invent the name of the new organization and I stopped at the “Antidagestan drum group” “I clicked the” create group “button on my VKontakte page, then I entered it in the group name field.
“Shock group” Antidagestan “”, after which he began to invent the ideology of the group.
Soon enough, a 16-year-old boy of nationalist moods with a black-and-yellow flag on an avatar was added to my group.
“Glory to Russia!” “Glory to Russia!” “Cool idea.
Can I see you? “” Of course! But only those you trust should know about it.
“” I have a few more friends, they are dagging on hard water. Jasmin cam site.

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