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Suddenly, something touched her lips, Katya opened her eyes and saw the crimson head of another member.
Excitement dulled her bashfulness, and she eagerly began to suck at the guy who got up on her knees beside her.
It was so new and unexpectedly pleasant that Katenka just lost her head and frantically waved her backside, moaned loudly and swallowed the second term almost to its full length.

She terribly liked his warmth, elasticity and tenderness of the thin skin that slid along the trunk of a bulging veins, the pressure of the swollen head on her throat, she suddenly felt an unprecedented pleasure from the blowjob and tried to swallow the member deeper and deeper.
Immersed in the ecstasy of double penetration, Katya caught the incipient feeling of an approaching orgasm – a taut wave, wandering through her body, from the vagina to the throat and back, turned into fiery lava, filling her with intolerable bliss; I wanted to dissolve in this feeling, to surrender without a trace, to strengthen sensations to the limit.
And she, having lost her sense of time and caution, turned into a female, who wanted only satisfaction – she began, furiously pushing herself on her limbs, shouting loudly from acute pleasure.
The orgasm rolled like a giant wave that threw it into the abyss of bliss; Katya disconnected from reality and fell into prostration.
She did not even notice how men poured into her, profusely and for a long time.
As soon as the men let her go, she fell to the floor and froze on her side, knees drawn to her chest.
When she awoke, Katya suddenly realized that the body did not feel the usual satisfaction from an orgasm.
Between her legs, the fire of a desire that had not ceased continued to rage, she was ready for a new copulation and madly wanted it.

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Apparently this drink, which she drank at first, flashed through her head and evaporated in the hot madness of agitated excitement.
Later, when Acne has already dropped out of the process, and I came to my senses, the men, changing their disposition, again raskoryachili me in the same position.
Ivashka got my ass, after all, I’m still far away from Misha’s size, and Ivan, according to the sperm that flows out, is excellent.
But, with the size of Mishin, it began to seem to me that the partition between the pussy and the booty had disappeared somewhere! No, there was no pain.
But the fullness was just colossal! And I, once again, lost in my feelings.
While Vanya and Misha competed, who would squeeze deeper into me, Acne very gently stroked my nipples and clit.
This time the synchronization turned out to be perfect – we finished at the same time.
And then, for a long time, they lined up in packs, recovering their breath.
I noticed here that I was starting my scribes, solely with the aim of mocking Dimon’s attempts in the epistolary genre, well, and over his naive views on some causes and effects.
And now, it seems to me, my writing has smoothly flowed into the category of self-examination.
And, to be completely honest with myself, I no longer want anyone to read all my notes.
– Too much I invested, frankly.
From the tent of Kharkov I got out a completely different

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First, I got out with great difficulty – legs gave way.
Secondly, the head was still in the process, so to speak, and the sperm flowing from all my cracks was a direct confirmation of the breakthrough in consciousness.
Vika sat near the tent and smoked.
I wanted to smoke, of course, but I wanted to sleep even more.
We exchanged a few phrases with her, I left her, that’s all.
– I woke up only in the morning.
2008 As promised, I continue.
We had to stop in order to replenish our stocks of firewood and water.
– Like on a desert island, honestly! We went all the men’s team in the mountains, leaving our women in Mishkin’s care.
To drag prickly branches, while others do not grow here, it turns out that naked is not the most pleasant pastime.
Although, and the water shove from spring to the beach, it is also not easy.
But we are ready for all the twists and turns of a beach holiday.
But my wife and I didn’t even have time to talk, and there’s nowhere to retire, everyone is in full view.
And with all this, at the same time, I do not even know where to start, – there is complete confusion in my head. Leksa bongacams.

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