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If earlier we used the standard missionary position and always only at night with complete darkness, now! We fucked wherever possible, and not possible! Animal instincts are awake! First of all, we tried our entire apartment, window sills, a bathroom, on the balcony, in all the rooms I was fighting Marinka! And she happily screamed.
Then our occupation continued! We tried in the stairwell, on the staircase, even at the neighbor, who sometimes left, leaving us the keys for watering flowers! Variations were endless! Marinka stopped cooking at home, we just didn’t have time for that! We started eating in restaurants and cafes! By the way, public catering toilets were also watered abundantly with my sperm and its secretions.
I entered Marina’s office, forgot to say she works as a designer in one advertising firm.

Hi, my dear little wife! – I greeted her.
Oh! Dear! Hello! – she smiled at me.
– Let’s pull out your unit, otherwise I already missed you! Soon her little room was filled with soft, squishy sounds and my moans.
Marinka quickly learned, specifically bought benefits, blowjob became her fad.
Pretty soon she mastered the art of deep swallowing.
Suppressing her gag reflexes, she managed to completely immerse my cock in her throat.
She used to suck too, but more like a lollipop, carefully hiding her eyes behind her hair.
Now she tried to swallow deep, while wide-eyed looked at me! Just like in porn movies! Enough! Get up! I want to see your pussy! – I ordered.

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She quickly got up and went to the computer to turn on slow music.
She began to slowly undress to the music and dance smoothly.
Striptease! – I was surprised.
Of course it was not a professional performance, but still there was a lot of sensuality and erotica in her movements.
You’re doing fine! Very beautiful! – I praised her.
Clothes quickly fell off her and my little wife remained only in dark stockings and high-heeled shoes.
She lay down on the table and spread her legs, the view of the wonderful smooth little female pussy and the blowjob excited the beast in me.
There was no power that could hold me, and I rushed to her! Member gently parted the folds of her wet vagina, plunged inside.
The feeling is gorgeous, beneath me a gorgeous female offering sex herself.
Marina moaned, my balls loudly spanked on her crotch.
I fucked my wife confidently and hard! Wait! Not! Enough! – Marina moaned.
– Take me in the ass! Recently, we began to use anal sex, surprisingly, we quickly coped with the pain.
The main thing is to have more grease and inject very slowly.
Have something to lubricate? – I asked.
Yes, there is a whole tube vaseline vdula! Here, take and grease member! – Marina gave me an almost empty and crumpled tube.
Madam! Let me bend over and push your buttocks apart! I’ll have the honor of tearing you up your ass! – I said playfully, smearing a member of vaseline.
With great pleasure! I ask you sir! – the wife played up to me, pushing her luxurious buttocks with thin, manicured fingers.
– Stop pizdet sir! Get down to business! The head of the penis clung to the shriveled little ring, Marina relaxed and the penis began to triumphantly enter her anus.
Fuck! How painful and how sweet! She whispered.
– How embarrassing

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and how pleasant! Come on dear, my ass at your disposal.
Ebi me! By the way, Marina began to swear during intercourse, and this brought a special zest to our sex! Slowly, millimeter by millimeter, the member entered her ass.
Finally, my pubis rested on her tailbone.
This moment is always exciting, at the request of my wife, I try to stay. Live cam jasmine.

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