Livejasmin old preview.

Livejasmin old preview.
This is exactly a virtual.
A regular program would never give me a bonus for refusing something.
Demonologist is tempting, but I refuse.

Ruthless unprincipled servants, ready to appear at my first call with me and in the real world is full.
– I’m not going to talk to anyone about my class.
I have the right to play the way I want.
– There is no absolutely reliable way to hide information about your character.
– I intend to enter into the game 250 thousand credits.
Such money is not simply abandoned.
The virtual did not surprise me.
– This is your right, but remember that if they learn about your specialization, they can destroy and take away everything you buy with this money.
– I know.
– What other features does your class have? – It is not possible to increase the standard primary parameters.
When creating a class is better to start with the minuses.
The stronger the negative side of the class, the stronger the positive.
You can, of course, specify a lot of features like “takes 10 times less damage” or “can breathe under water”, but then do not be surprised that the available abilities are so useless and swing 30 times more difficult.
– Accepted.
– Manna and life are not restored.
Without high stamina and intelligence, living standards and manna will be so low that it makes no sense to restore them.
– Accepted.
– There are no abilities that inflict damage, increase protection, weaken, heal, strengthen, accelerate, and any other, not related to the creation of monsters by insemination.
– Accepted. Livejasmin old preview.

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