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She, you see, can not write at all.
“Who knows what kind of upbringing,” I tried to protect the student.
– Education, – Lenka laughed.

– Once at our institute on the floor the toilet broke.
Posted an ad that girls can use men.
Posted an ad for a man, they say, the boys are more cautious here there may be girls.
– So what? – I did not understand.
– And then, there was no problem with anyone except Vicky.
We go after a couple in the toilet.
Karinka and I occupy booths, Vika is guarding, so that no one breaks in.
Then we leave, and we change places.
Then we did not figure out which of us was supposed to guard the booth, and both moved to the windowsill.
A boy rushes into the toilet, jerks the door – and there Vika is sitting.
Normal girl that will do? Send him “dick” and close the door.
This same fool jumped up

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and let her pussy close.
The guy was surprised with eyes on his forehead climbed.
“Did he not see the naked girls?” – I did not believe it.
– And then, – Lenka mocked me, – that Vika jumped up and jumped up, but didn’t stop pissing.
Here is a boy standing and looking like a fool-piss urine pours directly into his pants.

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I did not argue with Lena, today she has all the bad: Marina is a whore, Victoria is a notorious fool.
I wonder what she will say about Karina? (Russian girls are sitting with webcams! They are waiting for you! Take virtual sex with them! – good advice) Vika, meanwhile, returned to her seat, but remained standing, holding the back of the chair.
At the next bump, she gasped, flushed and covered her face with her palm, and on the seat, from under her unbuttoned coat, ran a tiny waterfall.
I looked at the driver, fascinated by the conversation with Marinka, he did not notice how the last portion of “Tequila Boom” flowed in his taxi.
And now she sadly thought about herself, and her eyes were wet with the thought that she dragged herself into the suburbs to her friends for a meeting with young people, hoping to meet her betrothed, but in the end everything was as always: the only decent guy paid attention to Olga, and she and Larisa had to while away the time with alcohol, and as a result, now she’s drunk going home and the only thing waiting for her today is a toilet, a warm bed and a pillow.
And that year already, after parting with Lesha: To admit, all these last years she has lived with memories of those meetings.
She remembered them as if it happened yesterday.
Then she studied at the School of Culture, lived in a student dormitory, and once went to a disco with her roommates.
She sat at a table when a tall young man approached her and invited her to a slow dance.
She was surprised that he paid attention to her at all, and almost refused, she was embarrassed that she was so small and he was so tall. Naked female muscle cams.

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