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There, I asked for permission to call dad to work.
Dad arrived literally half an hour later and showed my passport to the investigator.
Having signed all the necessary papers, I went home with my dad.

– Well, what do you say? – Dad asked after a short silence.
– What will I say? Oh, nothing.
You’ve already heard everything from the investigator.
Just please don’t say anything to my husband.
– And what are your intentions regarding your “accomplices”? – Intentions? No intent.
Everything that happened so overwhelms me, in my head such a confusion that I just want to lie down and fall asleep.
Now I’m missing them, I don’t even know what I would like to do with them: to scratch my face or kiss.
Still, I’m kind of grateful to them.
Truly, there is no good without good.

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That’s what I want to finish my amazing story.
Hello to my dear readers! Thank you for the rave reviews about the other two previous stories that happened to me (Maxim) and my wife Natasha.
And the story you are reading now happened a week after the massage sessions and it describes two days of our sexual entertainment at once.
It means so.
Throughout the work week, I rather ran home from work and the whole evening my wife and I had passionate sex, remembering how good we were in the massage parlor.
We bought a pair of vibrators, which on the very first day tried all the holes of my beloved, even though they did not replace the real members, it was still good, because the memories of what happened were very fresh and it was possible to finish them only.
In general, our intimate life raged and boiled.

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After discussing all that was with us, we decided that we would continue to spontaneously arrange such orgies for ourselves, because if you plan or search for couples like us, it will not be that: not those feelings and that pleasure.
On Friday evening, my wife called her friend, with whom she had not seen for a long time and asked for a visit, they agreed on Saturday.
I do not know about my wife, but I didn’t even have an idea to “take into our circle” Yana, that is her name.
Therefore, I expected an absolutely quiet day, agreed to drink beer with a friend, and before that I would go to the store and buy everything that Natasha requested.
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