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Of course, I am not a writer and I don’t know how to write as smoothly as in books, so forgive me – I write as I can.
The story that I will tell you, at first glance, may seem banal.
But I tell you how it happened to me, about my inner perception of the whole situation, about my joys and stresses.

As far as possible, I think I will find out from your responses.
And so listen, Olga Viktorovna and I have been living on the same landing for many years.
Once I enter the elevator, and I hear Olga screaming that I would wait for her.
I pressed the stop button, and then Olga flies in with two bags in her hands.
She so rapidly flew into the cockpit, which apparently did not have time to “slow down” and “crashed” into me straight off.
You can not imagine what I felt.
From the touch of her powerful breasts, I instantly flowed.
I was in “seventh heaven” from such happiness.
How many times in my thoughts, I imagined the touch of a woman, and then it happened, though through clothes, but still, it was very cool, because our breasts were separated, only T-shirts, since it was summer.
The elevator twitched and went up, but she didn’t even think of moving away from me.
I held my breath, and I pray that this minute never ends.
And Olga, apparently caught my excitement, and said.
– Listen to the neighbor, but it’s not time we get to know each other better, I have a good mood today, and I invite you for a cup of coffee with cognac.
I was struck by this sentence like a shock.
I have already imagined that we are kissing at the bar.

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And I was not far from the truth.
Olga, did not allow me to come to my senses, threw packages to me and went to open the door.
As soon as I crossed the threshold, she slammed the door and with her powerful breasts pressed me to the wall.
And I stood with two bags in my hands and did not know what to do.
Olga decided everything for me.
She had already pressed herself against me with her whole body, stuck one leg between my legs, took my head with both hands, threw it

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back slightly, and without hesitation, clung to my lips.
You know, I did not expect such a pressure, I imagined differently.
In a relaxed atmosphere, with light music.
And then bang, and I was sucked.
It was so unexpected and unceremonious that I didn’t just flow, I finished right away.
Meanwhile, her leg pressed tightly against my crotch, and began to rub.
Yes, I completely forgot about the kiss.
To be honest, as you remember, I have long dreamed of this.
I did not have time, I would come to my senses, as her tongue flew into my mouth.
What he got up there, I think you all know it very well.
But once again I want to emphasize that I describe exactly my feelings.
And so, when I felt her tongue, I immediately answered.
And then I made the first conclusion that Olga kisses not just great, but I would say divinely.
I want to admit that before that I had kissed only with men.
Maybe that is why it seemed to me that better than Olin language, there is nothing sweeter.
And Olga, already grabbed my buns, and began to knead them.
– Everything, throw packages on the floor, I can no longer, says Olya, and ran to the bathroom.
Confused and happy I stand and look in the pier glass.
And then my eyes fell on my zipper.
In the place where Olin’s leg was pressed against, a huge wet spot spread.
I involuntarily squeezed my legs, and looked back at the bathroom.
If she sees Olya now, then I will die of shame.
And then, Olga, a bullet flew out of the bathroom, her eyes immediately rested on my crotch.
And I, like a fool, stood with bags and smiled, although at that moment I was in such a state of shock that I was ready to fall through the ground. Public webcam squirt.

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