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I was too self-confident.
I am absolutely useless to you.
I waited for Keiko-san to say something to confirm these words now, but she suddenly hugged me, gently started stroking my head and also said gently: It doesn’t matter.

Once I was as inexperienced as you.
You will eventually learn everything.
But you should not try to be someone else.
You are you.
You must be yourself.
You always dreamed of a friend who would protect you, who would love you, who would caress you? On those pictures.
You did imagine yourself in the place of a weak girl, right? But.
This is.
Not at all.
Selfishly pretend.
You have to be frank at such a moment.
And you will bring someone happiness not by trying to portray a demon, but by yourself: gentle, sweet and defenseless Linda-chan.
To you it goes much more.
True? Yes.
So let me make you a little nice.
But of course.
? I am pleased when you cherished.
I enjoy the fact that you enjoy.
I was struck by her words.
I did not expect this, but she is so kind that she found the right words.

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I thought that my weakness and inexperience would not please anyone, but Keiko-san said.
I was so happy that she supported me! While I was thinking about this, she sat down next to me and took my face in her delicate hands.
She began to lick my tears, and although I was very embarrassed, her language brought me considerable pleasure.
Her tenderness and now reassured me, I dissolved in her, forgot about all the problems.
Taya in her caress, I did not notice how she managed to take off her clothes.
She did it so cleverly that I was amazed.
She is so smart and clever! She gently kissed me on the lips and pressed my face to her chest.
She had a very beautiful and big breasts.
Sometimes I envied her and always admired her.
And now she was in front of my face.
I gently touched her tongue as best I could.

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I began to lick her swollen nipple, then began to suck him.
I must have looked like a little kid, but Keiko-san’s breath changed.
It has become intermittent.
Her hands slid along my back, and she whispered: Linda-chan.
My girl
Keep going
You are the best.
I was very pleased and I continued my caress just to bring even more pleasure and happiness to Keiko-san.
Her skin was very pleasant to the taste, her scent was unforgettable, and I was very pleased to caress her.
Having caressed one breast, I started on the second one and very soon I wanted to sink even lower.
– Keiko-san stopped me.
She got up and lay down on the couch.
Come here, my dear.
– She called me.
Awkwardly, I climbed onto the bed and, greatly embarrassed, got on all fours above her.
Now I could try it.
But I was a little embarrassed that she sees me too.
All is well, my girl, – she said languidly.
– You’re so beautiful here.
She kept whispering something when I kissed her right on the lips.
This kiss I will remember forever, her divine taste, her scent, her beauty.
Her pussy was beautiful, she glistened in love juice and a little trembling, as if asking me not to tarry.
And I clung to her tongue.
I kissed her, diligently licked, sucked and it brought me a lot of pleasure.
My girl
You are so Beautiful.
– muttered Keiko-san, leaning his lips to my pussy.
Now we caressed each other.
Squishy sounds filled the room, and the fragrance of our bodies merged.
I played Keiko-san with my clitoris, trying not to get distracted by moans, and she just drank my love juice, sucking on my lips.
How I felt good! Looking for air I groaned: Keiko-san is so delicious.
I feel so good.
Me too.
My darling.
Do not stop.
I caressed her, fingers spreading her lips, licked her wet pussy, drank her nectar.
Her clitoris is so swollen that it seemed to explode now.
I am careful not to hurt, start to lick him, saliva, suck him.
And Keiko-san’s sweet moans were the best reward for me.
I started rubbing a hot anus with Keiko-san.
He was covered with love juice and now my finger slid easily along the ring.
And it was beautiful, because it is also part of Keiko-san! I even managed to slip a finger into it – Keiko-san even more buried her tongue in my pussy.
I played it with my finger, and it was good for me that Keiko-san was good.
But I could not concentrate either on the pleasure of her caresses, or on how to caress her better and better.
So I decided to try something else.
I had such a passion that I was not ashamed of anything.
I pulled away, stood up a bit, gently laid Keiko-san on her side.
She apparently understood my plan and helpfully raised her leg.
Now her pussy has reopened to me.
Now she was especially beautiful, and I admired for a moment. Sexiest webcam strip.

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