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San, fucking boil all the coffee, and Dimka will still suck me.
Dim, you won’t let Yrusik finish, eh, Dim? – and, without waiting for an answer, began to bite my neck, at the same time pulling at the nipple.
Sasha made a jokingly dissatisfied face, although it was obvious that, despite the task to make coffee, the prospect of Lena’s participation in our bangs was noticeably inspiring.

I quietly turned the latch and sat down on the toilet.

But just sitting and listening was not so interesting.
I lifted my butt slightly, lifted my skirt and pulled my panties down over my hips, and in a characteristic girlish pose (knees moved, heels rested against the floor and placed) squeezed them between your knees.
Damn, I felt like a girlfriend! My dick stood like a stone, rested in cold faience, but I caught an incredible high.
I wanted so, to complete the image of a cute girl, to start a stream, but the swollen vessels of the penis squeezed the urethra and I could not squeeze out a single drop.
Unfortunately, this slightly reduced my arousal (besides, no girls ran into the toilet).

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But I gently ran my hand through the rainbow stockings, fitting my legs.
They were so smooth and soft, the hand slid on them, and the member hardened again.
Suddenly the door knocked, and the first little girl flew into the toilet.
I could not see her, but for some reason I knew that she was beautiful (because who, no matter how divine the young beauty can brighten my boring stay here with her divine girlish piss?).
And yet – by the rapid clatter of her heels, by the way she flew into the booth, slammed the door and fiercely locked the latch – I realized that the poor thing had suffered from the last forces.
By the way, while she locked herself in and prepared for the process of relief, she put her handbag on the floor next to her, lifted her skirt (I determined this by the characteristic sound of sharply picky “fshshih” clothes) – in short, until she fully and finally sat down on toilet – I heard the continuous clatter of her heels.
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