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The door swung open, a smiling Diyana stood on the threshold.
Her chameleon gray-green eyes fascinated Christina.
They were especially amazing when Diana was crying, their bright green color could not leave anyone indifferent.

Well, at least Christine, he just made me quiver in mixed feelings of compassion and desire.
– I will enter? – Smiling, asked Diyana.
Christine realized that thinking just silently standing, opening the door.
– Yes, yes, of course.
– Confused ,.
with a hand gesture invited guest to enter.
Diyana took off her light sandals and walked into the room, the hostess hurried after her, noting on the move how beautifully her white cotton little skirt was sitting on her, how delicious her buns rolled back deliciously.
Kristina jokingly called Diyana’s ass “apple” to herself, for some reason it was terribly amusing for her.

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The short topic did not hide the tender shoulders of the girl and her lower back, which attracts the eyes of the apartment owner.
Diyana went to the window, glancing at the picture of the summer courtyard and climbing onto the bed, sat down in Turkish.
Christina’s eyes slid across the light blue, in tune with the topic, her girlfriend’s panties, which appeared from under her skirt, stopped for a second, and casually slid aside, as if nothing had happened.
The girl tried to calm down the quickened pulse with a deep sigh, and taking the laptop climbed onto the bed with him, sitting beside Diyana.
Together they looked at funny pictures that Christine downloaded recently and sorted so that they could be viewed according to their plan.
So imperceptibly for the guest, the humor gradually became erotic.

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Christie carefully followed the reaction of her friend, noticed that her laughter was not so relaxed as at first, a blush appeared on her cheeks, and her chest rose and fell unevenly.
“Break,” Christine said cheerfully, “Let’s go out for lunch.”
Diyana nodded, embarrassed, and the girls went to the kitchen.
A small room was comfortably furnished, in the center there was a small neat table with a beautiful tablecloth, behind which girls stood opposite each other.
The conversations of the girlfriends were becoming more frank and the words of Christina, seasoned with optional, but very piquant details, like grains that fall on fertile soil, brought Diyana sweet suffering.
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