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He stood tallest among the others.
“Welcome to what is left of Iyesgarth stranger, my name is Briehalt.
” Briehalt was wearing a fairly short sleeved, furred jacket which covered him to well below the waist and was barely buttoned up slightly off-center. Ayumi canada girl nude in webcam.
There was a wide, round neckline which revealed part of the rather simple shirt worn below it and was worn with a long cloth belt, which was held together by a big belt buckle.
The cloth belt was a functional addition, but had some decorative value. Pissing gay videos on demand at gaymenondemand com.
The sleeves of his jacket were quite narrow and reached down to his wrists, they had been decorated with two decorative bands almost at the edges.

His pants were simple and a little wide.
They reached down to his furred shoes. Girl stripped nude video.
The shoes had been made from a fairly rare fur, but were otherwise quite simple.
“Hello, my name is Richart.
What happened here?” “Yesterday we were attacked by a dragon.
After he destroyed our church, the creature took the stone of life known as the Valee Stone. Small tits african girl lick dick and crempie.
We need the stone, it is of great importance to us.
The longer it is away, the greater the hardships will become.

None of the remaining men are able to go after the dragon, as they are needed here to rebuild before winter comes.
” “Did you see this dragon? Boston area strip club. What did the creature look like?” “Let me take you over to the Knights Tavern, it is one of a handful of buildings that remains intact.
Besides, it looks as if you could do with some food and drink.
” From the outside the tavern looked snug, peaceful and beautiful. Israelsex chat.

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