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From there, we had reached the single-track road which followed the shores of the lake for a further dozen miles, before it turned into an almost-impassable track.
Half a mile of thick forest rolled past, until the ancient, wooden cottage came into sight. Hidden pic women sexy germany.
It’s broad, heavy eaves seemed to press the entire construction into the soft earth.
I pulled up next to the aged porch, and turned off the ignition.
Catherine was my first true slave, a gorgeous nineteen-year-old brunette with delectable rosebud lips and a curvy, wanton figure that would make any sane man look twice. Long legs in sexy black pantyhose.
She was married to a dumbass former jock who had left his popularity behind in high school and tried to replace it with cheap booze and cheaper hookers.
I’d been fucking her on and off for a couple of months, following a chance meeting in my local branch of Starbucks and a long, hot afternoon of passionate sex in my apartment.

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Since that first “date”, we had met up at least once a week for a session of hot, illicit sex – sex which I found not only exciting, but dangerously addictive.
This weekend, however, was different to our usual routine. Blacksexchat rooms.
Catherine’s loser husband was away on “business” – actually, I knew from a mutual friend that he was holed up in a seedy motel with a pair of hookers called Chantelle and Chardonnay, but who was I to judge? – and Catherine had agreed to a romantic getaway at my secluded cottage, high up in the hills. Free fulll length sara jay threesomes.
We left early on the Saturday morning, enjoyed a long, leisurely lunch at a roadside cafe, and drove up into the mountains accompanied by a selection of Catherine’s favourite CDs.

Catherine leaped out of the car and ran up the gravel path to the front door as I wrestled our pair of large bags from the back seat and followed after her. Arabic chatsex.
Reaching the weathered wooden porch, I dropped the bags, fished the key from my pocket, and unlocked the door.
Eagerly, Catherine pushed past me, only to stop dead in the doorway as she beheld the room beyond. Naked photoshoot of leonardo dicaprio.
It had taken me two weeks of concerted effort to get the cottage the way I wanted it.
Gone was the rural, folksy decor – in its place was a large circular bed, right in the center of the room.
Behind it, dimly illuminated in the late afternoon sun, was a large mahogany rack holding a large number of strange and terrible devices, none of which, I was sure, Catherine would recognise.

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The windows were heavily curtained in black and blood-red material, giving the once-rustic cabin the appearance of a brooding satanic chapel.
“Danny? What the hell.
?” she asked, taking a little half-step backwards.
“Oh, didn’t I mention it, sweetie?” I asked with a cruel smile.
“I’m going to fuck the shit out of you this weekend. Under desk voyeur cam.
I’m going to ruin you for that limp-dick husband of yours.
You’re going to walk out of here a cum-sucking slut – or you’re not going to walk out at all.
” She blinked at me, not certain whether to believe me or not.
“Get the fuck inside,” I snarled, grabbing her arm forcefully.
“I didn’t take you up here to stand out in the fucking forest.
” “Why are you doing this?” Catherine asked, her lower lip trembling. Fort collins girls fucking.

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