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Ursula stepped out of her flip-flops and pulled down her brown mini-skirt; exposing her milky thighs completely.
She was a bit hesitant to pull down her black thong initially.
But as she saw my semi-erect cock waiting for some action, she peeled it down her legs. Dating kok ladies live.
Her clean-shaved beaver was now fully exposed.

“Please step forward,” Alex asked Ursula to move near her desk.
“And mister, you seat that ass of yours on the couch!” Alex commanded me, as both Ursula and Alex looked at me giggling. Adult videos wildwood nj. Swinging..
Alex went to her side of the desk; pulling out a small notebook and pen out of a drawer.
“Okay, so I promised that Ursula will cum Six times today.
Let’s get started then,” Alex said cheerfully.

“Please bend over,” Alex asked Ursula, adjusting her posture similar to that for bent-over lateral raises. Amalisha live naked woman cams.
Ursula was bent forward with a flat back.
Alex adjusted her legs apart; so that I could see her asshole and pussy clearly.
My dick was now fully erect.
Instinctively, I started stroking my cock.
Alex saw this and rushed towards me. Hotbaby111111 live sex call.

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