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It seemed that she was still living with her mom and dad in their trailer.
She was working as a waitress at the only diner in town.
Brian smiled as she told him that it still looked the same as when they were kids.
“The worse thing is,” Scarlett said as she hesitated.
“I am pregnant.
” “Thought that would be a good thing?” Brian asked.
“It’s Anthony’s,” Scarlett said. Girlsweet2 www usagaysexvideos.
Brian could tell she was crying.
“And that’s bad?” Brian asked.
Anthony was Andrew’s little brother.
“He is married.
” “Oh,” Brian said.
Not knowing what else to say.
“I know,” Scarlett said.
“I shouldn’t have slept with a married man, but…” “Does he know?” Brian asked.
“No,” Scarlett said.
“His wife is Tina.
” “Oh shit,” Brian said.

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Tina had been the head cheerleader when they were in high school, and she had been a mean bitch back then.
“She is also chairman of the city council here,” Scarlett said.
“Holy fuck,” Brian said shaking his head.
“I am screwed if she finds out,” Scarlett said.
“Yeah,” Brian nodded.
“I need your help,” Scarlett said. Xbutterfly20 free cams australia.
Brian sat up in the driver’s seat.
“How?” “Come and get me,” Scarlett said.
“You can be here in a few hours, come to the diner and get me.

We can go to another state.
You can do your art and…” “No,” Brian said shaking his head. Augusta97 rus live porno chat.
He couldn’t leave.
“I am making a life for myself here.
” Brian told her about Amanda and Rebecca.
And soon Stacy.
He explained his plans for the warehouse.
“This is me,” Scarlett said.
“We have been friends for how long?” “I know,” Brian said.
“But…” Brian stopped.
“What news article?” “Huh?” Scarlett replied.
“You said you saw my name in a news article. Scott garance dore dating.

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