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I was mesmerized.
Both my wife and her boyfriend were consumed by a fervor of unbridled lust.
Once again I was thankful that I was wearing the chastity cage. Naughty lesbian orgasm.
Without it the urge to take out my cock and masturbate would have been irresistible.

Suddenly Jeanne arched her back and screamed.
I wasn’t worried.
I now understood the meaning of this scream.
I’d heard it countless times since I’d returned home. Porno schriever louisiana al maximo.
It wasn’t an expression of pain, it was an expression of ecstasy.
My wife was having an orgasm.
I leaned forward on my chair and watched her shake as the waves of pleasure pulsed through her naked body.

Ignoring my wife’s cries of joy Jack continued fucking her rear. 1spicymature porn apps for web cam.
There were several seconds of raging frenzy, but the intensity of Jeanne’s climax quickly diminished.
As soon as she regained her composure, Jeanne’s fingers went back to work on her clit and her lust began to grow again. Public mall squirt.
As I sat back in my chair and relaxed my thoughts returned to the question I’d been pondering prior to Jeanne’s orgasm.

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