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They both looked down at their moms eating Julie out, and of course that was another really great sight to see.
“Do you mind if I kiss you?” Julie asked.
“You didn’t ask permission the last thousand times,” Tessa replied.
“Smart ass,” Julie said. Anal masturbation qk 50 splash unfiltered.
They made out very passionately for about five minutes as the MILFs took turns eating out Julie.
“Do you really love me Julie?” Tessa asked.
“As much as your mom loves mine,” Julie replied as she took her hands in Tessa’s. Busty mature in uniform.
They both held hands really tightly and just felt the love they had for one another.
Of course both of the MILFs noticed it and came up with them, with one on each side.
Shortly after that Valerie took the strap-on off Tessa and the young ladies both got on their sides to make out some more.

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The MILFs got on their sides too as they were both right behind their daughters.
Gina was right behind Tessa and Valerie was right behind Julie.
“Wow Gina, we weren’t this in love when we their age, and look at them go. Petite nude with big ass.
You’d think they were in a fight for their lives if they didn’t make out,” Valerie said.
“Yeah no kidding, I think we should tell them now,” Gina replied.
That got their attention.
“What are you two talking about?” Julie asked.
“Well, there is something we haven’t told you,” Valerie replied.
“What?” Both young ladies asked. Crazy alien blowjob.
Both MILFs just grinned for a minute.
“Well, as it turns out, your moms are much closer than you thought,” Gina replied.
“Well, you’ve been having sex, and you love each other.

What more is there to tell?” Julie asked. Video chat programs sex.
That was when both MILFs got up, Gina went to her dresser and Valerie went to her bag to get something out.
They came back to show the young ladies something they didn’t expect.
“Well, in the state of Massachusetts, this is legal,” Valerie replied as they showed the young ladies that both of them had rings on. Mature sex dedham.
But these weren’t just any other rings.
“You two are married?” Both young ladies asked.
“Yes,” Both MILFs replied.
The young ladies had no idea what to say, it’s not like they were mad, but they were very surprised.
“When did you two get married?” Julie asked.
“About five years ago. Hot young teen small boobs.

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