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I hadn’t really noticed her purse before now, but glanced at it as she walked out.
It was sitting next to me on the bed and I couldn’t help seeing a yellow piece of paper sticking out just a bit.
I could see that at the top of the page, it said, “New Member Checklist”. White girls in the shower naked.
My curiosity got the better of me and I pulled the note from her purse for a quick glance.
It seemed that for girls like Jessica who wanted to join the sorority, they were supposed to accomplish ten things at the party, or at least take care of all of them at some point that evening. I cum in skinny teen ass.
It was a checklist of tasks to be completed by the new recruits before a 2 a.
I began reading the list, which started out very innocently: 1.
Wear a perfume you’ve never worn before.
Dance with at least five different partners. Amyfield turk sex video.
As the list continued, it started to get just a little more interesting as it reached the halfway point: 5.
Kiss a total stranger out on the dance floor.

With the paper folded as it was, I could only see half the list – I flipped it over to see the other half of the list of ten “assignments”. Midget couple fuck.
As I read down, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing: 7.
Get your dance partner aroused on the dance floor without using your hands.
Get invited to a guy’s apartment or dorm room, alone.
And I was frozen, not sure if it was through sheer terror or amazed excitement, as I read the final two items on the checklist: 9. Chrisbrown92 xxx live char com.
Give a stranger a blowjob.
Fuck a virgin.
“Oh-My-God” I thought to myself.
“ Fuck a virgin – that’s me!!” I didn’t know if I should feel shame and humiliation – this fucking bitch was using me as a sorority pledge assignment! Leruakis web cam woman. And she had figured me out pretty damned easily; was my total lack of experience that obvious? “Of course it’s obvious,” I thought, hating myself.
Was she laughing at me, knowing that I was a complete beginner and had no idea what I was doing?

Live kannada sex chating. Just then, Jessica came back in the room.
She blushed and giggled when she saw me holding her checklist.
She apologized and stuffed the paper back in her purse, explaining that she didn’t really like having to prove herself like this. Extreme pussy pounding amateur.
Getting into the sorority was really important to her, and she had no choice but to play along.
She explained, “They told us there would be tons of different guys at the party, all of them plenty willing to cooperate. Dickswallow18 chat xnxx.
But I didn’t feel right passing myself around the room and letting all those guys hit on me.
So when I got to item number five on the list, I decided not to keep trading partners like all the other girls were doing. Teeny anal old young.

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They took turns.