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Our short black skirts just come down to the tops of our stockings, barely covering our asses.
If we bend in any way there is plenty of skin to see since we are wearing our tiny g-string panties.
Although our sheer blouses are a bit too much in the daylight, they are a perfect tease as the sun sets, and also for the dim lighting inside the club. Live hot webcam.
After checking each other out a bit too thoroughly, which causes a few car horns to honk, we head for the door and our sexy adventure.
As we approach the door we see a rather large man stepping outside with a barstool in one hand and bottled water in the other. Live chat online no sign up xxx.
Now, the sight of a bouncer might instill fear in some, but for me it was a sign that the club was taking our safety seriously.
While I had never been to a club quite like this, I have been to a few and from my experience the ones with bouncers were always less tolerant of problem customers.

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Bill, the bouncer, says, “Welcome to the club,” as he holds the door open for us.
As we strut by we tell him, “Thank you.
” He tells us, “Have a great time.
” Stepping inside, we notice a long bar against the left wall. The nudist naturist photos.
There is a dance floor directly in front of us that looks to be about fifty feet square, which seems rather large for a club this size.
To the right is basically a grouping of tables, with booths lining the right and rear walls. Matlock japanese dating os.
As we are perusing the place a rather sexy lady of about our age comes up to us.

She introduces herself as Susan and asks us, “Where would you like to sit?” We decide on a booth along the back wall so that we can see what is coming at us. Boob fuck movie pussy.
As Susan escorts us to our booth, she asks, “Have you two ever been here before?” I reply, “We have not, but we hope it will get busier than it is now.
” She says, “It is early yet, but it will be filling up by about 9:30 p. Jessica alba best sex porn erotic.
” Susan takes our drink orders and walks to the bar to retrieve our cokes and some menus.
As she hands us the menus she says, “I love your outfits.
” Jackie tells her, “It’s our first time out fully dressed, and we wanted to be as slutty as possible.
” As we look through the menu he asks Susan, “What can expect, since it is our first time at a club like this?” She says, “It is a pretty good mix of gay, bisexuals, crossdressers and a few straights.
” She also says, “While it can get loud, mostly due to the DJ that starts at ten, the crowd is very fun and there are never any fights.
” Susan did warn us, saying, “With your outfits being so provocative you will probably be fondled a lot!” We told her, “We are hoping for as much, since that’s why we dressed this way.
” After giving Susan our food order, Jackie and I started talking about our night to come. Ladydreamer the best sex web.

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