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My plan was to continue exposing myself to Jim until I could catch him showing enough interest in my cock that I could challenge him on it, and then just see how things developed.
We were in our second week in Minneapolis, and I had been exposing my cock to Jim at every opportunity, even in our room by “accidentally” dropping my towel when leaving our shared bathroom and even at the urinal at work. Xxx movie bedazzled.
Then one night at the club I decided to give him an even more arousing view, and just before I was going to be spotting him on the weight bench, I jacked my cock for a few minutes in the locker room to get it almost hard and dripping with precum. Yssam call of duty black ops 2 naked girls.
The look on Jim’s face was priceless when he saw my long, thick meat straining at the fabric of my shorts and he also saw my precum dripping out of the foreskin.
I even squatted down a little acting like I was trying to get control of the weights, and my cock and balls were only a couple of inches from his face, certainly close enough for him to smell my musky manhood.

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It looked like a drop of my copious precum hit his face right next to his mouth, and I was sure that I saw him lick it off with his tongue.
I was getting so horny to have my cock sucked, that I decided to try to make it happen that night when we got back to our room. Gym teacher fucked me.
Jim took his shower first when we got back to the room, and then he was sitting in one of the chairs in the kitchenette which is right next to the refrigerator.
I took my shower and came out into the kitchen area with just a towel around my waist, and I opened the top freezer door of the refrigerator, which covered my upper body and head but left me exposed from the waist down right in front of Jim’s chair. Vagina ejaculation video.
I peaked around the side of the open door and saw that he was staring at the bulge of my cock in my towel, and I made it look like an accident when my towel fell to the floor.

He was now only about a foot from my nude cock and balls, and I saw that he was still staring at me since he thought I couldn’t see him. Casual sex megan drummondville.
When I knew that he was totally mesmerized by my genitals, I slowly closed the top door to the refrigerator, and for just a few moments he didn’t see me looking right at him as he stared at my cock.
That was the moment I was waiting for, and I shifted my weight slightly which made my cock and balls swing in front of him, and then he looked up and saw me smiling down at him. Hot pornstar seduction and cumshot fetish hot porn.
He then knew that he had been caught staring at my cock and said, “Oh shit, Phil, I didn’t mean to stare at you.
But you were just standing right in front of me at it was hard to look away.

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