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He gets the idea and sits next to you on the bed.
He kisses you again, but this time a little harder, pressing his lips firmly against yours.
His hand finds its way down to your thigh and squeezes, by now you’re just dying for him to take you, you want him so badly, and he wants you more. Twerk trap.
You look down, and see the bulge in his pants, you want to see the monster free, and so you decide to get him even more excited.
You grab his crotch; your actions are rewarded with a pleasurable moan from him, his hand slides a little higher up your thigh in excitement. Clitoris piercing tattoo.
You slowly pull down his underwear, revealing his cock, which is all yours, yours to taste and do with whatever you please.
You stop for a moment, teasing him, knowing that he wants you.
You gently wrap your soft lips around his cock; he gives out another moan, he wants more and you’re going to give it to him; you gently suck on his cock as your mouth slides up and down.

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He’s really moaning now, his pleasure is making you wet, you want him, you need him.
You slide your tongue around making sure he is getting everything he deserves.
His erotic moans keep you going, heck, you could keep going all night this is such a turn on. Wives in pantyhose miniskirts.
After a while he cups your face and guides you off.
He knows that it’s your turn now, he pulls down your panties and takes them off around your ankles and throws them on the floor.
He guides you so you’re lying on the bed, him on his front and you on your back.

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He presses his mouth to your vagina and starts licking your clit, slowly at first, then picking up the pace and really going for gold.
The intense pleasure rips through your body, you can hardly speak and you’re shaking with delight and can only just manage to let out a few loud moans, he keeps going, this time adding two fingers, “Fuck!” you scream as your body feels almost as it is on fire, his face right down there, his tongue massaging your clit, you feel a dash of energy bolt through your body, you’re about to climax when suddenly he stops. Nasty squirting and fisting.
He sits back up and looks down at you while holding his cock, you know what’s to come, you know that you want it, and you know that you’re going to get it.

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