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He was able to avoid the narrow scales that lined the belly.
Belana took her bow from her shoulder and launched one, then another arrow piercing the back of Dalbinth’s neck.
The screeches made by Dalbinth echoed throughout the cave. Mature mothers tits.
This gave Richart time to position himself for the kill.
Belana ran to where the stone was only to get knocked to the cave entrance by one of the enormous wings.
Richart took his sword, thrusting over and over in the chest of the beast. Free sa blacks girls porn pics.
The cave floor was awash in blood, Richart was relentless in his attack.
With its dying breath, Dalbinth collapsed to the ground.

Getting back on her feet, Belana saw Richart covered from head to toe in blood. Porn amateur blooper.
She made it to the stone and put it in the sack she had.
Belana rushed through the mist with the stone in one hand and her sword drawn in her other hand.
Emerging from the mist, Belana saw that Richart was standing at the head of the fallen Dalbinth. Ammy_cute free sex chat room for adults no sign up just chat.
Running to him, Belana asked.
“Are you hurt, Richart?” Tears are streaming down her face.
“No, Belana, I am unharmed.
Are you harmed in any way?” “Just a few bruises, I will be fine.
” “Do you have the stone?” “I do, Richart.
” “Then let us head back to Iyesgarth, Belana.
” Richart took her hand and as they walked toward the cave entrance, Belana stopped.
“Wait, let me wipe the blood from you.
” Belana removed her jacket, followed by her shirt.

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Richart removed his jacket and shirt as Belana stepped closer.
She wiped Richart’s face, arms and torso.
Richart loosened his pants, letting them drop to the ground.

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