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She had the same snub nose and huge gray eyes.
True, the hair was noticeably darker – dark blond.
And instead of the tail, they fell freely on the shoulders.

Green-eyed Katya was noticeably lower than Tanya.
She was distinguished by a short haircut of fiery red hair and funny freckles.
However, there was a similarity with the other girls – the same snub nose as Tanya and Nadia.
Relax and undress! – Tanya commanded, going up to the boys.
Three boys began to undress.
Soon they stood in front of a nurse without shirts.
Of course, no one wanted to take off his pants.
Well, what stopped? – Tanya shouted at the children, – Take off your clothes further.
Pants, socks and everything else.
The boys reluctantly took off their pants. Adult live chat online.

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