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Then we started the usual resort “doing nothing”, which differs from other days, only in the fact that Elena was now with us.
We sunbathed and swam, from time to time, sending Lenka for a beer or mineral water.
Very soon, I noticed that we were becoming local celebrities, since the good half of the hotel was staring at us.

The mature, glamorous lady who proved herself as impregnable, suddenly found herself in the company of “youngsters”, and running on their errand, as a servant, could not but attract the attention of others.
This is clearly Elena, and we were pleased and excited, and taking advantage of the moments, we pointedly emphasized in every possible way our ownership of it, forcing us to tan with sunburn, crying loudly, stroking and pinching our lady.
Soon, two Russian-speaking Turkish animators Bashkurt and Timur, with whom we were on friendly terms, came over to talk to us.
Noticing that they did not take their eyes off Elena, who was lying next to us, I proceeded to another provocation.
Talking about nothing, as if between times, I put my hand on her chest, stroked it, and then, playing with my

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fingers, climbed right under the bodice of a bathing suit.
Then, slowly, as a matter of course, I completely exposed Elena’s boobs, which I began to guide along with my palm, brushing large halos around a dark pink nipple.
The poor bitch reddened, so it became noticeable, even despite her perfect tan, but did nothing, trying to pretend that nothing was happening.

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The Turks looked at it with open mouths, and the body of our beauty began to tremble slightly, shaking from a slight tremor, the cause of which was either shame or excitement, and, most likely, both of them simultaneously.
When I squeezed her nipples with my fingers, Elena could not stand it, leaned toward me, and apparently, having thought up nothing better, to stop the public beach exposure, she whispered in my ear that I let her go for mineral water.
I was gracious, but when she stood up, straightening her bodice, she held her, pushed the swimsuit to the side of the swimsuit, completely opening her big buttock, and giving everyone the opportunity to admire this intimate part of her body, and then everyone in the eyes, weighed a savory slap, which gave our lady extra acceleration.
Well what, guys, how do you like our slut? Ltd.
What are you talking about, cool !!! Want to share? Can i??? You have a yacht tonight.
Take us for free? We take her with us.
And there.
There she will do everything that we say to her.
Of course, take !!! At ten in the evening we are waiting at the pier, you are for our dear guests, everything is free for you !!! The trip on the yacht was an additional paid event, which was organized for holidaymakers, and for which we initially had no money, but now there is a great opportunity to get out of the situation, using our power over Elena.
Burnt by the sun, I, Lech and Vitek, went to my room to relax, wash, shave and get ready for a trip on a yacht, and Lenka was briefly allowed to go and clean the feathers.
At about eight o’clock in the evening, we dropped into her bungalow to check her fees.
Comfortably sitting on the bed, we arranged for ourselves a show, throwing out all her clothes from her hefty suitcases, and making us try on rags to choose a robe for her for the night, to our taste.
The woman came into the bathroom, changed clothes and came to us, posing and taking various seductive poses, and we commented on her choice.
For more humiliation, our comments were deliberately offensive. Adult sex tv live.

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