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At the end of the work, everything must be cleaned up: the work, the tool, and the workplace; we should put everything in a certain place so that when we start working again, you can find everything and the work itself is not oppressed.

In this situation, there is nothing particularly new.
Moreover, some individuals are quite satisfied with this situation.
Try to imagine: a young man sitting at night, alone with a computer and his own loneliness, with a complete lack of desire to sleep, and the bed causes a feeling more like disgust (that is, in no way attracts).
Submitted? Then read on.
Quietly (I just want to say “intimate”, but it doesn’t sound where the most notorious loneliness was registered) music plays, a glass next to it, the contents of which are called brandy, and it (content) decreases with a speed inversely proportional to the speed of writing this creation.
In general, brandy is a lot of functional.

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That is, it helps almost everything.
Like: from cold (not less than 50 grams), from insomnia (not less than 100 grams), from impotence of psychological origin (the dose is purely individual) and from melancholia and its subspecies (from a bottle and more, depending on the origin of this melancholy).

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Well, if the cause of melancholy is a bed (I must say, I returned to it again), reminding: a) of loneliness; b) time of day; c) and that during the whole weekend no changes in the number of people settled on it are foreseen; The dose of brandy should be so high.
Personally, I do not have much money.
True, I can drink so much cognac in the state.
But only cognac.
And generally speaking? What is a bed? That is the question! I open the Soviet encyclopedic dictionary and.
I do not find.
How little, it turns out, attention is paid to this very serious issue! And in vain.
After all, it is on the bed (or in the bed) that we spend almost a third of our life.
Under the bed is much smaller and not all of us.
On the bed we were conceived, but not all of us.
And a huge part of the memories is connected with the bed, in one form or another (sofa, armchair, car seat and other bed and okolovatnye derivatives).
And from this huge part, only a small part has a sexual coloring.
So what happens is that Freud was wrong? No, he was right, sex is really the driving force of life.
And the bed is just its manifestation, designed to give comfort to the process itself.
Some couples are very surprised when they find out that the bed is suitable not only for sleeping, reading and breakfast.
Practically, we are all fans of group sex, the third is a bed that accepts the opposite gender of the owner.
She falls in love and can be a faithful companion all her life and not pay attention to your exercises with a friend (friend), can be frigid and squeal with displeasure at the most inappropriate moments, can immediately hate you (hello insomnia), and can be wildly jealous. Bigo live sex show.

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