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Order Elatia, see he hesitates.
– Calm down, come on, get a hold of yourself! – exclaimed Julia.

“I can’t let the legate’s wife be killed in my house!” This is not a gangster hangout! Sabina is my guest and no one will touch her under this roof.
“Thank you,” the elder Decimna breathed and nodded to Yulia. “I will not forget that.”
“Do not forget that you deceived here and used my slaves,” said Julia in a condemning tone.
“I apologize for this,” Sabina squeezed out and began to unleash her slave.
Maguta began to help her.
Zumga, meanwhile, collected the guest’s clothing scattered on the floor.
Before you go out, the older sister turned around and gave Silvia a furious, hate-filled look that sighed: “I will not leave it that way.”
I will take revenge.
You will pay for everything, bitch.
For every word, for every grin.
And for Elatia.
Sylvia gave her a no less angry look.
– Crawl away the snake! Hide, tremble, for soon I will crush you! When Sabina and her Nubian woman left, Julia, wringing her hands in feigned despair,

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rushed to Sylvia.
– Oh dear, I did not know that everything will turn out that way! I thought it was you! “Didn’t you understand that this other woman?” Cried Sylvia in amazement.

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– She entered my house in the mask of Venus.
– That’s it? Then it is clear.
However, there is a difference between us.
Sabina’s breasts are bigger and body stronger.
“I didn’t notice,” Julia spread her hands.
– I saw golden hair and decided that it was you.
Well, how could I suppose that your sister will come here? I did not even know her to this day.
Will you forgive my mistake, the Honorable Sylvia Decimna? “Well, it’s full of you,” the legate spouse smiled tightly, but it was obvious that her anger was already fading.
– What an official tone.
We are still friends.
Julia sighed with relief and this time, everything was sincere.
“What about our agreement?” She asked carefully.
“Everything is in force,” the aristocrat nodded.
– Anyway, Elatiy was with me.
Now I will talk to my husband about the promotion of Vetuviya to the Guild.
– O Fortuna, thank you! – exclaimed Julia.
Then, looking at Samnita and Sylvia, she asked: – What now? “We’re home,” Sylvia replied.
– The husband should be back early in the morning.
She gently pressed against Elatia and their lips met.
– Come on? – Elatiy go with you? – Julia blinked in surprise.
– If only to carry out.
Already deep night.
“You surely forgot,” Sylvia laughed.
“Elatiy is now my bodyguard and must follow me everywhere.”
So agreed our husbands.
– Oh yes! – Julia threw up her hands.
– But after two days he should be back.
“Do not worry, he will return to you,” Sylvia grinned.
“Bitch,” thought the lanistas wife, when the younger Decimna and the Samnite came out.
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