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Bongacams t.
please, – said Inga.
The seller, was a pretty woman of about 40, she looked at the girls and asked.
Are you 18 years old? Yes there is, said Inga and handed the passport to Alena.

The woman took the passport and looked at it and said – then welcome to my humble store.
As you said there, does your friend want her holes to become huge? That’s right, ”Inga confirmed, and pushing her friend in the shoulder, she added.
True, Alain.
True, much red, squeezed out of himself Alain.
Well then, I have everything you need for this game, ”said the woman seller.
Do you mind if we immediately try out some of your toys, so to speak, will they check us or not? – added Inga.
No, – the woman answered without a loss.
Apparently with what only requests to her did not apply.
Alain, show the work front a woman, ”said Inga, and clapped Alain’s ass on the ass.
Alain turned her ass to a woman and bent low, completely exposing and opening her pussy and anal hole.
Alyona ran her finger over her pussies, stressing that she was very wet. Bongacams t.

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