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Far from handsome, he gave the impression of a wild adult child.
Thick, long-cut hair of hair, coarse nose, protruding lips, cheekbones, wildly sharp look from under the hanging eyebrows – he all his appearance caused a cold rejection.
He talked a little.

These sharp, barely perceptible movements by the Maltsy — she did not understand anything.
And then she began to make him repeat.
Again and again, for her.
“What did you say?” – she grabbed his hands, holding back a rush.
He drew a gesture in the air.
And he repeated, smiling.
She smiled back and repeated after him: “Let’s be friends.”
On the second date, he came with a huge bouquet of red roses and invited Vika to a special restaurant for the deaf and dumb, where the waiters understand sign language.

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Here they danced to color music, on the big screen were romantic comedies with subtitles.
Vika, finally, plunged into the world of the deaf-and-dumb, where everyone understood her without words.
The joy of non-verbal communication absorbed her headlong, she bathed in the free atmosphere that prevailed in the restaurant.
Roberto took zealously guarding her, discouraging other males from hunting.
When Vika, seductively wagging her booty, went to the dance floor, he was left at the table alone, because he did not know how to dance.
The deaf-and-dumb guys surrounded the new girl in a semicircle, clapped their hands, smiled faintly, while she whirled in the dance, arched her back, bulged out parade of charms, twitching to the music she heard, but they didn’t.
Suddenly, he appeared, Roberto, grabbed her hand and dragged her to the exit.

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He was darker than a cloud.
“I’ll take her home — and be done with it!” He thought.
She was carrying a bouquet of roses, her heart was beating loudly.
Unexpectedly, resentment filled with tears, she stopped and burst into tears.
Roberto was taken aback and came to his senses only when she, without saying goodbye, disappeared in the doorway of the entrance.
Three minutes later he sent a text message: “Forgive me, please.”
She already took off her dress, spread the roses on the floor and lay on them bare back.
“Vika, answer me,” she let down the laced black thong and took the pod in one hand and the phone in the other.
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