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Similar prices were catastrophically high for me, but I nevertheless agreed.
I had some connections, and I would be able to make some money selling some rubbish.
A week later I already had the first incest tape.

Waiting for when no one was at home, I inserted it into the video player.
The result exceeded all my expectations.
On the tape, a guy of my age and a woman of about forty presented themselves first in Russian, then in English, and then the camera went to the table, where there were many family photographs of a large period of time, leaving little doubt that this was about mother and son .
Then they turned to each other, embraced and started kissing, slowly and passionately.
“Everything is real.
These are the debtors of the Russian mafia in America “- said Andryukha when he gave me the tape.
The mother and son on the screen had already managed to strip naked, and moved towards the bed.
I was stunned, and my cock stood on the Everest Heights.
The guy laid his mother on the bed and lay on top of her.
Slowly, slowly, he fucked her again and again.
The camera, apparently, was lying on the table, so it was not clear whether penetration did take place, but I did not want to think about such trifles.

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I squeezed his cock tightly and frantically began to masturbate him.
Less than two minutes, as I broke out a violent orgasm.
Mom, meanwhile, settled on her son, and it became clear that his member really periodically disappears into her vagina.
Once again, I thought that I would give everything to find myself in his situation.
The guy came to orgasm, and the woman began to make strong elliptical movements with the pelvis, pressing the slim body of the guy deep into the bed.
As for the victims of the mafia, she apparently did not feel so bad, as she bent, lifted her head up and moaned loudly.
However, it could be played out, who knows.
Or maybe there were so many debts that in all this time she really learned to have fun.
The guy, meanwhile, also caved in and began to force away his pelvis with force.
Then the woman quickly jumped off of him and began to lick the expiring member of the sperm, as if she were

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eating a very frozen sundae, periodically pulling him out with his hand and seizing his scrotum with his lips.
Seeing this, I experienced such a wave of ecstasy that my legs began to shake finely.
I immediately began to masturbate again, and immediately finished.
They had sex for an hour in a row.
In the end, when the guy plunged his face into the vagina of his mother, who was crawling through his hair and moving his pelvis convulsively, I dragged out my fourth orgasm with great force.
My dick ached like it processed muscle, and eggs jumping in all directions also gave pain.
Nevertheless, I masturbate with tremendous speed and nevertheless achieved it. Cams 888 sex live 198.

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