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Go home, you fool.
Tomorrow, I will order to punish you as an example to other slaves.
“For you, there will be no tomorrow,” Punna laughed evilly.

“But today, madam, our whole night.”
He moved forward.
The maid screamed and snatched the dagger from under her cloak.
– Back! Do not approach the lady! Run Mistress! The young woman turned, but then froze on the spot, seeing that the path to retreat was blocked by three strangers.
– You always annoyed me Melina! Cried Punna, and suddenly, quickly drawing out his sword, attacked the dumbfounded maid.
She was able to beat off the first lunge, but the Phoenician hit the woman in the chest with the second blow.
The slave groaned and slowly began to sink.
The dagger fell from her weakened fingers and tinkled against the stones of the pavement.
– Melina! Sylvia rushed to the bleeding maid, but the sword directed at her side stopped the young Roman woman.
– So, now

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, when no one bothers us, we will continue, – Punna smiled mockingly.
– Why.
Why do you want to kill me? Have I not been kind to you? – Your kindness, madam does not matter.
I was well paid for your life.

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And they will pay more than once.
– May I know who? – Do you want to know? – Yes, I would like to know the name of my enemy.
– Well, I think it makes no sense to hide.
This is your sister Sabina.
– So I thought! – exclaimed the girl.
– She hates me for a long time.
But she has never tried to kill.
What made her go for it now? “I think jealousy,” replied Punna.
– Jealousy? – Sylvia was amazed.
“To the gladiator Elatia.”
She wanted to get it herself, but when she found out about your agreement with Julia, she was enraged.
– Is that so? How did she know? – I told her.
– You?! Curse of the gods! And you, as it became known? “Well, this is a long story,” Punna laughed.
– And I would not want to spend such a wonderful night on her retelling.
“Well,” Sylvia straightened herself up proudly and fixed on a Phoenician full of despair, but at the same time a bold and resolute look.
– Do your thing, you dirty traitor.
And damn you.
May Erebus devour your soul.
“It’s not so simple, madam,” Punna grinned again.
– Before, I will get something that I did not even hope for.
A modest, respectable Roman girl from a rich aristocratic family! Could a pitiful, contemptible slave count on your favor? Not! He did not even dare to dream! But here, you go to indulge in lust with a slave-gladiator! And where is modesty and chastity? Where is the legendary loyalty of Roman wives to their husbands? You are a slut and a slut like your sister! I contacted her as soon as I wanted! So why not do it with you? Why not fulfill your dream? Come on, Roman fuck, make your slave happy! – I will make you happy! A voice is heard. Fc2 japan cams sex.

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