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Skulking his teeth in a wolfish grin, he smashed his sword to the right and left.
His movements and blows were swift, the power, speed and strength of this man were simply amazing.
No one could resist his fierce attacks.

At one point, the barbarian unexpectedly jumped onto the deck of the Tigress.
“Oh gods, he will kill all my people!” Belit thought with horror, seeing how one of her pilferers was struck down by a powerful blow.
Never before had she met such formidable opponents.
All past battles faded at once before this battle.
This is a barbarian.
as if an ancient and warlike god, as if retribution from above came down from heaven to hit all pirates.
Charmed, shocked, confused, Belit watched a warrior from the north kill her people.
He was the enemy, but she did not want him to die.
He came to her in dreams long before this meeting.
Isn’t that destiny? Is the fact that they met it is not the will of the higher forces? – Prepare spears! – shouted N-Gona.
– Surround! Beat from all sides! The black warriors retreated a little, and when the barbarian found himself in the center of an educated circle, spears were brought for a decisive blow.
And here, Belit burst into the circle.
With one hand she stopped the pirates.
Dark green, sparkling eyes met with icy blue.
The rage of battle that boiled in them was replaced by admiration.
With a greedy gaze, he glanced at the slim, strong figure, held his gaze a little longer on the lush and taut hemispheres of her breasts and on his slender legs.
Ignoring her bloody sword, Belit came so close to the barbarian that the blade touched her elastic thigh.
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