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Here is an obvious example of concern that you, God forbid, do not overshoot: Come closer – it is shorter than you think.
Or another, which has become a classic, please observe the order: Do not throw the bulls into the toilet bowls, they are difficult to light after that.
Yes, all the same culture and literacy in our people has become more.

Again, knowledge of foreign languages ??was not a rare exception.
And where, if not in the closet, show off your foreign.
Yes, even on it to share the secret of life well-being.
as rarely as possible.
Which of them is right, I can not say.
Such everyday wisdom in the form of short aphoristic sayings abundantly adorn the walls and doors of almost all the toilets: zastegni fly, okhlamon, Behind you is a spy! This is not anarchy, this is order, his mother! Lead the column going to x.
! By the way, an interesting fact.
The type of education received undoubtedly affects the characteristics of the messages left.
There are inscriptions that can not be found anywhere else, except in certain faculties.
For example, this is an example from the Faculty of Law: Chikatilo A.
1936-1994 We will remember the coolest man! It was given out by historians: There is truth from the most eternal And we will repeat again In Russia, the power is a sick bowel Always ready to work out.
Well, this truth was discovered for the world by philosophers: He who does not masturbate does not exist.
But! But the most interesting thing is that the faculty usually use the same toilets.
Can you imagine what they are experiencing when they find out before their eyes: Drochki are always, jerk off everywhere, Drobk on land and in water.
Some can not hold back their feelings, take out their hands and.
Gentlemen, sexual maniacs, Express yourself somehow differently, Or at least not so rude.
However, witty students do not remain indebted to the professorship.

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And now above the urinal flaunts the inscription: Professor, in your hands is your past.
But the professors, too, are not sewn up, and right there above the urinal a number of answers are displayed: Student, in your hands your future.
Separately, we will dwell on the vicious phenomenon of homosexuality that has not yet been overcome in our society.
You do not need to have a rocket scientist in order to understand that a public toilet is an ideal place to look for unconventional connections.
And therefore certain of them are simply full of inscriptions like: “I want to meet a blue guy no older than 22 years.
Boris “.
And, of course, the phone.
But do not rush to call him.
It is not excluded that Bor is already over sixty, and he is not blue, but merely the unfortunate teacher of the local educational institution, who was stricter than the student – dunce expected, treated him in the exams.
However, there are proposals expressed in a more witty form.
Here it is, say: I am looking for love and friendship.
About me: Financially puzzled, anxious about housing, sexually provided.
And here is the poetic outpouring of the blue romance: We knew how to be friends and about something completely bed-free, lying nearby, talked to you for hours in the night And below some rude bastard summed up the summary: “So that

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you are dead, pedals!” However, not everyone agrees with this, and someone continues to campaign: “Guys! The best sex is blue, believe me!” They believe him, but they are interested: – Do you take it in your mouth? Correspondence begins: – I take it, and also in my ear, throat, nose.
– So you – ENT.
New participants are connected to the correspondence: “Do not take it in your mouth – the Ministry of Health warns!” The discussion is growing and spreading, turning into almost a nationwide discussion about whether it is bad or good: “And I want to take by mouth!” “Do not give, or what?” Here and the professorship can not resist and connects to the debate: “Suck! How unfriendly it is! This is simply outrageous.
“Radical-minded sexual orthodoxies join their indignation:” I want to get acquainted with an active or passive homosexual to give him in the face.
“Or:” I am looking for a gay guy.
I’ll find – I will kill. ”
But homosexuals, too, are not asleep and respond to attacks with a neat hole in the wall leading to the next booth.
And so that no one doubts why it is, next to it is indicated: “Hole.
Suva here and take too here. ”
Phew That’s disgusting! However, enough about the blue.
Let’s talk better about women’s toilets.
The number of inscriptions and drawings in women’s toilets will hardly concede in content and number of men’s toilets. Free cam sex india.

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