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The beds were big enough, but something different from the ordinary.
Peering, Kohl pursed his lips offendedly.
All beds had side grilles.

True now all these grids have been omitted.
This is your bed, ”Kolea showed her nurse to the most extreme bed,“ And you, Seryozha, will sleep here, on the other side.
Masha raised both bars of Kolina’s bed, demonstrating her device to the boys.
Kohl almost cried for the insult – it really was an increased in size cot.
Of course, putting each of you in the crib, we raise the lattice, – said Masha, – By the way, getting out of bed with a raised lattice is strictly prohibited.
A special sensor is installed in each of them.
Do not even try to lower the grille or climb over it – the nurse on duty will immediately find out about it. Free live sex gay.

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