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She had a fly swatter in her hand, with a rubber foot on the end and little scissors.

The fact that at first Natella seemed scarlet lips turned out to be a small red gag, seductively looking between white teeth.

Kicking Natella with her legs and whipping her stack with a stack, the girl turned her onto her belly and cut the ropes on her arms and legs.
– Where I am? What are you doing with me ?! – tried to ask the victim, but received a biting blow right on the lips and a kick in the stomach, which turned her on his back.
Femina stepped on the left chest of Natella with his heel, crushing the already purple ball of the chest.
Then she stepped from one foot to the other, stepped on the right side of the wide part of the sole, and, like crushing a bull, twisted, scratching the delicate skin with a wet, rough sole, pressing the nipple into the flesh.
Despite the unleashed arms and legs, Natella did not feel them, as if they were alien rubber appendages that couldn’t do anything.
Femina gave another couple of biting blows to the breasts, where new ones appeared, this time burgundy traces with a “whore” imprint, and squatted right on Nata’s face, running her ass and vagina over her face, plugging her nose with a wet hole smelling surprisingly nice some kind of unknown spice.

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The pain rushed into the liberated breasts along with the bloodstream.
Nat tried to squeeze her hands to her breasts, squeeze into a lump of pain, but the latex whore sitting on her face, like an eagle, clawed at the softened tits, leaving her nipples punctured with needles over her palms, clenched her fists, squeezing the flesh through her fingers.
Then she picked

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up the stack and struck several strong blows between Natella’s legs, right on her red and wrinkled pussy, once small and so shallow that she was soaked and stretched, that she was hurt by a member who rested in her depths .
Then Femina pulled out something from the side of something like an oxygen mask and fastened it between the legs of Natella.
The vacuum pump turned on and its whole economy began to swell with a rush of blood, sticking to the transparent walls of the pump.
The mound of the clitoris turned into a swollen pink cone, the petals of the genital sponges became thick, each like a quarter grapefruit.
Latex snorted contentedly, got up, almost crushing Natella’s soft-boiled nose, and after kicking a side in a corset-tight position a couple of times, left the room.
The door slammed shut.
Nat frantically turned on her side and tried to remove the suction cup from the burgundy, like the rest of the vagina.
The fingers did not obey, then came a wave of pain in the arms and legs from the returning blood circulation and Nat screamed at the top of her throat. Free model sex video.

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