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Assessing the moment, he became the middle finger to rub a small clitoris, sliding along the glowing excited slits.
The girl breathed faster and closed her eyes from pleasure.
Then Kolya came up with an interesting idea, he suspended his finger and said: – Natasha, do you want me to teach you to do that? Give me your pen.

try it

– Then it is clear where you got your masochistic inclinations.
This is quite a frequent occurrence among those who were raised with a belt as a child.
After a few minutes, Marina began to moan softly.
– Painfully? – Alexander asked.
Marina nodded very vigorously.
In her eyes was a plea to stop punishment.
– You know Marinochka, what is the punishment fundamentally different from torture? Marina shook her head.
– Torture is spent as much time as necessary to get the result.
Punishment – strictly metered portion.
Your punishment is 15 minutes.
You are already 7.
So be patient 7 more.
After a minute, Marina moaned quite loudly despite the gag in her mouth.
Tears appeared in her eyes.
Alexander went to Marina, gently stroked her shoulders, then his hands dropped slightly lower and he began to massage her breasts.
– In the human brain, the center of pain and pleasure is located nearby.
– With these words, Alexander undid the bracelet on one of the legs of Marina.
She immediately tried to get up, but her legs were holding poorly.
Alexander picked it up and immediately pulled up a second chair, quickly removing the spade handle.
Marina sat astride a chair and often breathed. Free online games for girls sex.

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