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Mom continued to make movements, which makes a man, planting a member in the anus of a girl.
Soon she came.
Then Mrs. turned to her, got on all fours and put in front of me her round ass.

I began to lick the gap between her buttocks, then pushed apart these elastic hemispheres and inserted the tongue into her anus.
– How nice, girls! – broke out from Natalia.
I never imagined that during sex I could do without men.
You are both so experienced and tender! After washing, we got out of the bath, wiped Natalia with a large terry towel, and then wiped each other.
Natalia led us into the bedroom and there we saw a large bed.
Natalia dove under the covers.
We expected her to call us to join her, but she waved her hand imperatively and ordered: – Show me a lesbian show! I want to look in all details at the love scene between mom and daughter.
Well, livelier! Lena and I started kissing and rubbing against each other.
Then my mother turned her back to me, pressing her ass to my pubic hair.
Mrs. threw me an artificial member, and I, taking my mother with my right hand by the chest, with my left, began to thrust the member into her vagina.
Lena put her hand behind her back and I felt her fingers in my crotch.
I looked back at the Lady and saw that she was masturbating.
Soon she came and asked us to lie next to her.
Mom pulled her fingers out of me and began to lick them.
I left the artificial member in her womb and, taking her hand, led me to the bed.
Mrs. got a strapon from the bedside table, put it on herself and made me lie on my back.
Mom lay down next to her and began to move an artificial member in herself.
Mrs. lay down on me and put a strapon in my vagina.
Our lips met.
My beautiful Mrs. kissed me passionately, rhythmically moving me with a strap-on, and Lena, who was lying next to her, stroked her ass.

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We loved each other until the morning, then fell asleep and fell asleep until noon.
I woke up first and saw that Natalia’s hands were lying on my chest, and her strapon was inserted into Lena’s anus.
I carefully got up and went to the kitchen.
“The maid’s suit in the closet in the maid’s room, the slave,” Mrs. muttered sleepily.
– Prepare me a coffee with cream.
I opened the closet and found in it a translucent white blouse and a short black skirt.
No panties.
Wearing a suit, I looked at myself in the mirror and saw that he almost did not cover my charms.
I looked like a real prostitute, and it really excited me.
I went to the kitchen and started making coffee.

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Natalia’s voice came from the bedroom: “Let’s go to the bathroom, slave.”
I need to take a shower.
“Yes, Madam,” answered Mom.
After a quarter of an hour, Natalia appeared from the bathroom, wrapped in a bathrobe.
In the bedroom, a cup of coffee was waiting for her.
“You can go take a bath,” she told me.
– Your mother is waiting for you.
I ran to the bathroom.
Mom lay in hot water and massaged her full breasts.
I was like in that fucking suit, got into the bath and lay down next to my beloved.
Mom kissed me on the lips and asked me to rub her clit.
I did not force to ask myself twice.
Lena wriggled from pleasure.
Her hands reached under her blouse and stroked my breasts with tenderness.
Then we got up, and my mother helped me to undress.
– Mommy, you’re beautiful! – I whispered.
– You’re my only, my favorite! “I love you too, Olenka,” Lena replied, kissing my breasts.
– Do you want, let’s get married? – I suggested.
– If you want it, I will not refuse you, daughter.
We dried off and, naked, went to the bedroom.
Mrs. lay on the bed.
We approached her and knelt down.
– Well? – asked Natalia.
“Lena and I decided to get married, Madam,” I explained.
“But we need your permission.”
– I do not see, why do not you get married.
Personally, I do not mind.
True, my beloved, Alla, can be against.
I’ll talk to her tonight.
You can now go home, and by nine in the evening come there.
in that house.
Having kissed goodbye the crotch of the Lady, we got dressed and went home.
We could not wait to stay together.
Not only men but women also stared at us in the subway like sluts.
Once in our apartment, we began to tear off each other’s clothes and I dragged my mother into the bedroom.
Lena lay down on the bed, I fastened her collar to the chain that came out from under the bed, then put on my strapon, lay down on my mother and began to fuck her. Free sex cams free.

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