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Their intercourse was beautiful, passionate and sensual, he taught his stroptivitsa a lot, and was pleased with her success.
And the girl turned out to be quite intelligent and well-read, and after their lovemaking, the sultan often discussed government problems and affairs with her, carefully listening to her advice and thoughts.
A few months passed, and one day, when Alain was lying on the bed, the Sultan came to her, gesturing for everyone to leave.

The girl stood up and bowed her head in greeting, but the man cupped her face in her hands and dug into her lips, as if trying to drink from her all her soul.
She began to choke, her heart began to pound, and the key of hot desire pulsed in the lower abdomen.
Alain could not believe it, because only two hours had passed when Said last took possession of her body.
And now he was ready to take possession of her again, only now she felt that something was disturbing him, and Said tried to drown out his anxiety in herself.
The girl hugged her sultan, standing on her tiptoes, exposing her neck to his insatiable lips, and the man’s hands were already tearing off her expensive clothes, freeing the luxurious body from her captivity.
– My.
only mine
– he whispered to her between kisses, often switching to Arabic, which she still did not fully understand, but could make out “forgive”, “want”, “need”, “no choice”.
He firmly pressed his Anud to himself, buried in her hair, inhaling the delicate scent of lavender and essential oils, trying to soothe the internal chill.
Sultan understood that his words would hurt her, but they both had been waiting for a long time, so there was no way out.
Now he wanted to satisfy his hunger again in her, in its hot depths, to carry along into dreams of ecstasy, where they would be only two.

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The man raised his beloved in his arms, and with all affection he lowered him onto the bed, covering her with his body.
Their lips met again, their tongues danced sensually, and their hands intertwined.
“Tell me you’re mine, Anud.”
Forever forever you are mine.
– He moaned in her ear, while his fingers pushed the expiring folds apart, and caressed the excited clitoris, which caused the girl to breathe deeply and often, buried in his shoulder.
Consciousness again left her, and she completely surrendered to her passionate lover, who could so inflame her that she just lost her mind

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Alyona sobbed softly from the emotions that had overwhelmed her, and only nodded her head in response, as she could not swallow a lump stuck in her throat.
Said kissed her again, and his excited member slid easily into the hot depths of her bosom, ready to receive his master and sovereign.
They both groaned synchronously, frozen in each other’s arms for a split second, meeting their gazes.
And now the bright whirlwind of passion swirled them and threw into the abyss of unearthly pleasure, connecting two souls of lovers who still could not admit aloud their feelings.
Their bodies intertwined and joined, their arms and legs were tightly intertwined, their breathing became confused and hoarse, and their hair and skin were sweating.
Time stopped and stopped, the world disappeared somewhere, and the room was filled with their joint shouts and growls.
Only once did Alyona cast a misty look into the huge mirror, seeing there such a beautiful picture: the girl and the man intertwined in bed, enjoying each other hotly.
And now Said for the last time pierced her, poured out his seed, and buried in her shoulder, softly whispered: – Today I take Dakhma as my wife.
I feel hot.
I am very hot.
I have already stood under the shower several times, but this saves only for those moments when cold streams of water flow down the young elastic body, repeating its every bend.
I lie in bed and dream that the wet coolness will disturb the languid and hot air of the room.
Having stretched out my hand, I take a vase with ice cubes standing on a bedside table, on the walls of which a transparent pair lazily settles.
I touch ice on my lips and then put it in my mouth under my tongue.
It melts quickly, but after that there are a few sweet moments of freshness.
With the next cube, I smoothly run along my neck, shoulders, and arms.
With the tip of the tongue I lick the droplet, which slowly slips from the wrist down to the elbow. Free sex chat online without registration.

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