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“So, as she likes.
Tongue between the legs.
So it is possible? Do girls like that? But to argue with a brother who knows Lenkin preferences as his own is ridiculous.

I slowly rise and slide down to her feet.
She watches me, first with surprise, then with desire, when I spread her slender legs apart and open an amazing, alluring view of the female womb.
How beautiful she is here, below.
I lower my head and touch the tongue of her vagina.
Immediately mark her hand, grabbed my hair and moan, took off from her mouth.
I have time to notice how Lena bends from the power of the caress of my tongue.
Her pelvis lifts to meet my lips.
I caress her hole, instantly covered with moisture, find the knob of the clitoris and switch to it.
Hillock hardens like a rock.
I clasp it tightly with my lips and, for some sort of intrigue, I pull in, gently, quiveringly, into myself.
Lena is already screaming.
– Yes.
so, I hear her short words.
They confirm that my path is the right one.
I feel like Lena is good.
Ready to continue as much as she needs, I lick her gently, with pleasure, receiving her grateful, hoarse moans as an incentive.
And then I note the tide below the belt, the member is filled with an erection and a desire for a second attempt.
“Do not hurry, go on” – and I do not stop.
Suddenly, Lena froze, froze, and jerked the pelvis several times, accompanying the reaction with a cry, like a bird flying into the sky.
Then squeezes my head with my legs covered in a trembling wave.
“What is this?” I think.
“Orgasm, brother,” laughs Andrei.
“She ends up like this.”

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The first time you satisfied the girl, congratulations. ”
As if the stone fell, fell from the soul.
I thank my brother, I feel energy, inspiration, I kiss her hole at last and, rising, lie down beside me.
Lena turns around and I catch her brilliant grateful look.
Green eyes pull me towards me.
“Come to me,” she says, and I hug her again.
The girl gropes my penis and makes sure that I am ready to continue.
Keep learning.
Smiles a little and kisses me on the lips.
Then he rises, bends over my pelvis and suddenly creates a striking thing – he pulls the penis into his mouth! Already a moan, in turn, I hear.
Lena drives his lips, licks her tongue, and I am incredibly cool.
I watch as the end sinks and emerges from her mouth, I feel a tickling on the hips from her loose hair.
I do not believe that all this is with me.
I am the happiest man in the world.
– Want.
– I whispered choked up, and Lena stops, releases my penis from her lips and stands up.
What will happen next, flashes at me? Long legs, turning into the coveted triangle, flat stomach and perfect, gorgeous shape, sexy breasts of the girl give birth and require continuation.
Here Lena climbs on me, spreads her legs and returns my end to the hole with a stick with my stake.
He rests his hands on my shoulders and begins to move on me, accelerating pleasant friction to the body.
We changed places, and from above she moans excitedly, with her head thrown back towards the ceiling.
And what should

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I do, so just lie down and have fun? “Make head pushes up” – after reading my thoughts, he advises.
How could I not have guessed? Feelings have become sharper, more pleasant.
This continues for a long time, and I note that there is pleasure, but there is no orgasm yet.
The member is still strong.
I embrace her soft ass, Lena begins to move faster, and after a while she squeezes my flesh with the vagina.
The same reaction.
Helen finished.
She still sits on me with her eyes closed, and I allow myself not to hold back.
Pulling over her legs, I spend a series of pushes, releasing my desire, and soon I wait for a pleasant spasm – the second one in a night.
I feel like a stream of sperm shoots at Lena.
In the eyes dimmed again, the girl leaned on me and gratefully enters my mouth with her tongue.
“Hammer” – and it remains to mention Andrew. Free webcam sex mature.

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