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Sveta unichka calmed me, took off her bra and I first touched my lips to the female breast.
Every man has his ideal female body.
I don’t know how this ideal is formed by others, but for me the body of Sveta has become an ideal.

Beautiful face, she did not differ “awesome” figure, but what I see in her, even now, after 16 years, seems to me the sexiest.
If you look at it from the front, then it is SUPER: a beautiful face, full, round, slightly lowered chest, with large pink nipple ranges, waist, wide hips, but if you look at it in profile, then there is one drawback – it does not have ass.
A beautiful outstanding ass.
But this fact was in my favor.
The lack of her priests allows me, with my small size, to get far enough in any sexual positions.
We didn’t have sex with her then.

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I was afraid again to be dishonored, and, having kissed her breasts with plenty, we parted.
She began to come to me and, somehow, we decided to rent an apartment with her.
But where did poor students have money for a separate, well-maintained apartment! We shot a two-sided couple with another couple and a girl.
Life is going.
We live with Sveta together in the same room, we sleep together, but there is no sex.
I can not fuck her even break.
Let’s start kissing, undress naked, but I shouldn’t.
I do not know what to do.
May Day! We went to the forest for a picnic, and then the girls gave us a striptease with a guy (who lived with us in the same apartment)! Grown to panties and sunbathe.
So for the first time Svetlana undressed in the presence of two men.
That evening we drank and we did it.

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I got up, I entered it, we kissed, I finished it! Probably that very night I loved her forever.
The first woman in sex, became my favorite forever! We ran out of money for renting an apartment and we returned to the hostel.
We lived together in a student manner, a crowd of 6 people, 3 guys and 3 girls in the same room.
We parted for the summer holidays home.
We agreed with Sveta to come early and find a separate den for ourselves.
Life is like a joint, love like each other, you need to start a family.
Returned to school again in the hostel.
Somehow I judge in the room and I get an eye on Svetina’s friend’s letter to her.
Curiosity got the better!
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